Saturday, May 23, 2015

BBQ Ribs At The Elks Lodge

We've heard great things about the BBQ at the Elks Lodge here in Eureka where we are parked in the motor home.  They also have a steak special on Friday, but since it is Memorial Day weekend, they changed it to BBQ.  I went up and made a reservation for tonight's dinner and it's a good thing I did since the place was full.

We walked up there early about 6pm and paid for the tickets.  There was standing room only available.  The bar was full, all the tables around the bar and the sitting room were as well.  It reminded me of airports in Africa with everyone waiting for the door to open so you could run out to the airplane and make sure you got your seat.  So, we stood by the door to the dining room and were one of the first people let in.

There was a salad bar and another section for the huge pieces of BBQ, beans, spinach salad, sweet potato fries and garlic bread.  They had an assembly line going and we were whisked through the line quickly.  However, the salad line was 50 people deep and moving slowly so we sat down and attacked the BBQ.  Rather than wait in line we decided to start on the ribs and that turned out to be a good decision.  The salad after the dinner was great but by that time we were full.

I picked up a couple peach cobblers for dessert and we managed to finish them off.  The people at our table were locals and very friendly,  We chatted with them and learned a little about the Eureka area and beyond.  Very friendly and outgoing people at this Lodge.  

The Vice President of the California Elks was attending the dinner and when it was announced he was going to give a speech one of the men at the table jumped up and began cleaning the table.  Everything is done by volunteers including serving and cleaning up afterward.  I heard him mention that he wasn't going to stay for the speech and made a beeline to leave asap.  I don't think I've seen someone his age move so fast, but he made the correct decision.  The speaker sort of rambled on quoting some $ figures and such for 10-15 minutes.  

After the speech we went back to the motorhome since Gerry is a little under the weather.  Nothing serious, but enough to make her want to go back and rest.

We wish everyone a very happy Memorial Day and to keep in mind why we celebrate the day.  Take out some time to think about it.

That was our day, how was yours? 


  1. We love the Eureka Elks. Everyone is so very nice.

    Hope Gerry is feeling better today.

  2. Ribs sure do sound good. We're having a hot dog cookout for the hardy few that are still here in the park on Monday. Sure do hope Gerry is feeling better soon.