Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rockbox Theatre & Grapecreek Winery

We decided to go to the Rockbox Theater and take in their variety show.  The theater holds around 200 people and there isn't a bad seat in the house.  We went to the Sunday matinee and the theater was only about 1/4th full and we got an excellent seat very close to the stage.  

Larry, Gerry, Judy & Herb
We really enjoyed the show and they had some great acts.  There was one singer, Nadja,  who sang Aretha Franklin songs and really belted them out.  I was amazed at the range of voice she had and how much she sounded like the Queen of Soul.  Super job and she was the star of the show in my opinion.

They had 9 performers on the stage including the band members.  The lead guitarist performed in a number of skits with a woman who is his wife.  She also was a singer, backup singer and the MC for the show.  They were very entertaining and put on a good show also.  

One performer did an excellent imitation of Don Knotts even down to his police uniform and pistol without a bullet in it.  He had the bullet in his shirt pocket like Barney Fife did on Mayberry RFD.  He was supposed to be the security for the theater and was very funny and entertaining.  In addition, he was a superb harmonica player and performed 3-4 great songs.

The guitar player above working with Barney was very good and did an imitation of Willy Nelson and really nailed the song.  He was so good he could have filled in for Willie if you couldn't see him.

After the show we decided to take a drive out to the Grape Creek winery and did some wine tasting.  Since it was Sunday, they were closing at 5pm, but we got there in time to buy a bottle of wine and sit on the veranda  and to drink it.  Even though it was a hot day, it was very comfortable sitting in the shade and sipping the wine.

The girls managed to do some clothes shopping in addition to spending money on wine.  These shirts were very appropriate for them.

By the time we got out of the winery it was time to head for dinner.  We picked out a German restaurant and had a great meal.  I ordered a Rueben on black bread and Gerry had  German meatballs and a pasta that was great.  It was so large she couldn't finish it and brought half of it home.  Judy and Herb enjoyed their meals and said they would eat there again when they come to Fredericksburg.

After that we went back to the motor home and just chilled out and watched a few TV programs and made an early night of it.

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  1. Nice...I like the shirt about the glasses best! Nothing beats live entertainment. See you soon.