Monday, May 14, 2012

Key Lime Pie & Hangout Music Festival

Gerry and I spent 11 winters in the Florida Keys staying in State Parks and moving every two weeks.  We usually were there from late January to early May and loved it down there.  What isn't there to love about clear water, blue skies and warm temperature in those cold months.  We made many good friends down there that we still keep in touch with and would love to return, but the difficulty in getting a reservation in the parks makes it impossible.

One thing that we really loved about the Keys, other than Grouper meals,  was Key Lime Pie.  It is very addictive and once you acquire a taste for it, you never forget it.  Publix grocery stores in Florida almost all have Key Lime Pie for sale and we think they make the best pie of all that we have tasted. (Carolyn does make a great pie also, and we don't refuse a piece of her pie!).  We needed some things from the store yesterday and I went in and found their delicious pies in the cooler section.  So much for will power, I grabbed one and took it home with us.  It lived up to it's billing and we enjoyed a piece for desert last night.   Thank goodness it has few calories or we would be in trouble.  I think I will go get me a piece right now.  Can't let it go to waste.

The weather down here has been great the last few days and we are going to extend for another day to take advantage of it.  There is a music festival coming up this weekend and the park has been fully booked for that, so we have to leave before then.  They are working on the stages, tents, food stands, etc downtown around The Hangout bar and that area.  It looks like it will be a huge event and I don't think it would be a good time for us to be here.  There might be some drinking and smoking going on.  

 Here is the band lineup.  We have heard of a few of these bands like the headliners, but the others aren't familiar to us.  They must play to a younger crowd.

The Hangout Music Festival


Today is a special birthday wish for Grant who turns 11 today.  We were trying to get there in time to celebrate his birthday with him, but it didn't work out that way this year.  It is for the best for him, since he now can have two birthday celebrations.  Grandma wants to make sure she can get in on spoiling him also.  Not that he is spoiled. 

 Happy Birthday Grant 

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