Friday, July 2, 2010

This and That

Cruising the Area

It's been a quiet couple weeks here at the cabin. Very quiet!

We joined our friends Carolyn & Mann for dinner on Monday night. They were visiting Gettysburg with their grandson Dustin and were worn out taking him around the battlefields and were looking for a relaxing dinner. We went to the Ott House in Emmitsburg MD for dinner and enjoyed the company and meal very much. Dustin was a little apprehensive, as he thought we were going to the Outhouse for dinner. Since he seemed to enjoy his meal, it must not have left too strong of an impression. It's too bad they only were in the area for two nights. They were heading to Hershey, PA to continue their trip with Dustin.

A couple days ago we decided to travel over to Charles Town, WV and check out the casino there. They have a racetrack and casino in the same area along with a hotel. The casino used to be a small spot with some slots. It has been expanded to include hundreds of slots as well as adding two huge garages next to it. They are opening a gaming room this week and have fixed up the place very much.

We played the slots for 3-4 hours and managed to leave them some money to help them with the expansion. We were both up and should have quit, but the urge to win more overcame us, with the expected result. Actually, we don't really expect to win, but it would be a nice bonus. We had their buffet dinner after gambling and both felt the main meal was just so so at best but the deserts were outstanding. They really do have a great pastry chef. I don't usually eat deserts but these looked so good that I left room for 5 different deserts and they all were great. Gerry had to agree that it would be worth the visit just to have desert there.

The drive to Charles Town took us through Antietam battlefield and through the quaint and neat old towns of Boonsboro & Sharpsburg, MD and Shepherdstown, WV. They have really done a great job fixing up the downtown area of Shepherdstown and we plan on going back there for lunch one day very soon. The author Nora Roberts bought an old hotel in Boonsboro, MD and had it remodeled. Gerry managed to get a picture of it at the traffic light before we had to move on. Check it out below.

July 1st was Jack's birthday and we celebrated it with Jack, Cassie, Lexa, Candace and her two children. I grilled a couple London Broiled steaks and they actually turned out very good, if I may say so. We brought a decadent chocolate cake over for desert and it was enjoyed by all. The cake is so rich that I can't eat that much of it, but Jack did manage to down his fair share. He opened his cards and gifts after dinner and we sat around and chatted for a while. Then it was time to let him get to bed since he starts work so early.

We left their house and headed back to the cabin. I glanced at the odometer on the car and noticed what I consider a unique number. At least it was unique to me.

By the time we got back to the cabin the temperature was hovering around 50 degrees. We had to shut the windows and add a blanket to the bed, but it was great sleeping weather.

See what an exciting life we lead.

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