Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maryland Countryside

Smithsburg, MD

We have settled into living in the cabin and working on it. Yesterday we went to the Doctor near where we used to live for my back problem. It seems I have pulled some muscles in my lower back and will have to wait for them to heal in their own good time. The usual remedy of no bending, lifting, stretching or anything to aggravate the muscles was prescribed. Poor Gerry, she has to do even more work than usual.

We then had lunch with old friends Martin & Elaine at a favorite Greek restaurant of ours. Elaine isn't fond of Greek food and just had a salad. We talked and talked and got caught up with what has been going on in their lives. It was very nice to see them again.

We drove by our old neighborhood and saw where the owners of our old house had cut down the three cherry trees that were in the front yard. The trees were old and dying so I guess he didn't have much choice. It sure looked barren without the trees, but now the lawn will get enough sun so it should do better.

The County is working on the "Inter-County" connector road now in that area and we were surprised by how much construction was going on at the same time. They have to build a number of bridges over existing roads and we saw at least 6 places where they were working. The inter-county connector project has been in the planning stage since 1950 and successive environmental groups have delayed it for years. The road should have been built 30 years ago and now that it is being worked on I can't imagine the price tag. Better late than never. It sure would be nice if it was open now since we have a 190 mile round trip every time we go to the area and it would cut off several miles and not having to drive through neighborhoods.

A few days ago we were out while the sun was shining ( rare event lately ) and we got this picture of the countryside near Smithsburg, MD. Maybe this will show people why we keep coming back to this area. Enjoy!

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  1. Ahh, so peaceful & serene, I could just set down a blanket, read a good book & sip lemonade!!