Monday, July 19, 2010

Washington County, MD Bridges

Gerry, Cassie, Lexa & I went geocaching today after some other appointments. It was a good geocaching day with 7 finds including a couple very difficult caches.

I especially enjoy seeing all of the old bridges that were built in the 1830s and 1840s in Maryland. The ones that lasted were built out of stone and had several arches for support. The two bridges we saw today were spanning Antietam Creek about a 1/2 mile apart. They are still in use today and are used heavily.

The first bridge we visited was Rose's Mill Bridge. As with almost all the bridges it is one lane and wide enough for a car to pass over. You can't really appreciate the bridges until you get down to the creek level and view them.

Claggett's Mill Bridge was the 2nd bridge we visited today. It also is a three arch bridge and is crested at the top. There is another smaller bridge next to Claggett's Mill bridge and it spanned the mill race. There is some confusion why it was built since it wasn't needed for the operation of the mill. Standing near the bridges is the original Claggett house that is still being used today.

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