Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup

It has been so hot here in the northeast that we have been hunkering down with the a/c running full blast day and night. It keeps the temps at a comfortable level, but not cold. Whew, we may have to go to Tucson early this year to escape the heat.

Since it was so hot we decided to go out for dinner. After much thought we decided on the Ott House for dinner since it is one of our favorite places in the area. Imagine the dismay on my face when we drove there and found out they were closed for vacation. WOW! Now what?

We decided to try The Palms across the street from the Ott House. It was different and they served a reasonable meal for the price, but it wasn't some place we would go to again.

Yesterday we drove down to a local bar to watch the Spain-Germany soccer game in the World Cup. The bar was almost empty and we got to run the "clicker" to control the volume. It was an exceptionally well played game and Spain controlled the game throughout and won 1-0 on a header off of a corner kick. I am waiting for the day when the US can play at a level like this game. Someday!

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