Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Gerry and I went geocaching today and found 7 of the treasures. I thought I'd let you all know what and where we found the caches.
  • The first cache was next to a place that was all about elephants, however the museum burned down last week.
  • The 2nd cache was in a guard rail close to the ground and the log was stuffed into a baby alligator's mouth. Try laying on the ground and reaching to retrieve something like this.
  • On to a perfectly well hidden cache in a tree right next to a very busy road in a shopping center. Lots of fun dodging cars and bending branches to find the cache.
  • Find 4 was near a parking lot and back in a jungle of trees, poison ivy and branches.
  • The next find was easy since it was attached to a street sign and it was all by itself.
  • A restaurant with a lighthouse was where the next cache was hidden. Easy find.
  • The final find of the day was in a cemetery. It was a neat cache in that it was hidden in a hollowed out portion of a branch.
While searching for cache three a young couple pulled up and asked if we found it. They were fellow geocachers and had found the cache earlier and were very glad to provide us with a hint. I had hesitated to stand in the road looking for the cache and as it turned out that was the only way to find it. It was very well hidden and took some searching to find it. I think I need new glasees and definitely need a new back.

After that we used the GPS to find a local restaurant that we like. Since we had been traveling in circles and were in an area that we hadn't been before, the GPS came in very handy. We found the restaurant and enjoyed very good meals. They were huge and we brought back enough food to feed us lunch tomorrow.

In the middle of geocaching Gerry went looking for a dress but didn't find anything that she liked. So, the search continues.

We stopped at the grocery story and then headed home. A nice glass of wine topped off our day. And that was our exciting day here in Pennyslvania.

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