Friday, July 16, 2010

Earthquake and Fog

Our cabin is about 75 miles from Rockville, MD and they had a 3.6 earthquake centered there today. Now I know a 3.6 isn't much, but I imagine our old neighbors must have wondered what was going on.

We lived in Costa Rica for 6 years and experienced numerous earthquakes over 6.0 and one that was 7.5. Let me tell you something, a 7.5 quake gets your attention. We had 10-15 aftershocks above 5.5 with that one and people were sleeping in parks and their yards. Anywhere but in their house. It just so happened that my niece was visiting with us at that time and we warned her upon her arrival that if a quake hit, to stand in a doorway until it was over. Well, it was just her luck to have the 7.5 quake hit while she was there. She handled it very well but I think it just about scared her to death. She never came back to visit us again. They had t-shirts out the next day saying "7.5 and still alive".

It was hot today and an afternoon thunderstorm passed through and cooled things down a bit. We needed to make a trip down the mountain and on our way back ran into some lite fog which made for some nice photos. The photos were taken about a mile from the cabin and I wish they could capture the scene better than it turned out.

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  1. I tried the "enlarge photo" feature by clicking on each pic. Nice feature! Nice pics, too.