Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's Wine Time

Deming has two wineries and we decided to check them out Friday.  St. Clair winery had a live band playing and a couple specials so it was off to check it out.  We've been there before and sampled some of the wine, but nothing stood out from the rest.  This time we found a super table wine and a couple others that we liked.

We got there about the same time as the band was setting up and after tasting some wines indoors we moved outside to hear the music.  The musicians were from Las Cruces and Alamagordo and played some country, old rock and roll plus some songs I've never heard before.

It was quite windy as it had been for the past 7 days and we found a table that was sheltered from the wind.  The dust still flew through the air and at times it was quite heavy.  We stayed and listened to the music for a couple hours and called it quits.

 We ordered the meat and cheese tray plus a couple glasses of wine.  It was a very relaxing evening and we had a great time.  The lady in red below is married to a band member and filled us in on the guys.  She was a very animated supporter of the group.

 Earlier in the day we traveled  out to the Luna Rossa Winery just west of Deming alongside of I-10 on the frontage road.  As we entered the tasting room the owner of the winery greeted us like long lost friends.  He was from Italy and has lived in Deming for 30 years.  The winery has over 330 acres of grapes and uses 30 acres around the winery for their vines.  The other acres of grapes are sold to wineries throughout New Mexico and Arizona.

We tasted a number of wines and finally selected two bottles to take home with us.  In addition, Gerry had a free cup of gelato which she enjoyed very much.  She's been searching for a DQ to satisfy her needs for ice cream, but hasn't been able to find one since we left Tucson.  At least she has Texas to look forward to with all their Dairy Queens, aka Texas stop signs.

Speaking of Queens, I just wanted to share this photo of our great granddaughters Aubrey & Penny holding hands while they are sleeping.  What can I say?

That was our day, how was yours.

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  1. Just got caught up on your last few blogs. It sounds like being holed up in Deming for a bit was a good thing for you guys! Glad you found so many interesting things to do. Btw...that was a beautiful lady you picked up at that bar! And let me add that picture of Aubrey & Penny is just darling!!!