Saturday, April 8, 2017

Coyote Pause Restaurant

There aren't a lot of restaurants near our campground, but we did find one that serves breakfast and lunch.  It's only 4-5 miles from our campground and easy to get there with no stop lights and only 2 stop signs.

We kept thinking of going there and always arrived too late to be served.  They close at 2:30pm and we almost always eat a late lunch to avoid the crowds around noon.  

Finally, we decided to go there for breakfast and invited friends Debbie and Dale to go with us.  Nobody had any idea what kind of place it was but we all were able to find something to eat.  They serve a huge breakfast and it's impossible to leave there hungry. Gerry chose the mesquite pancakes and loved them.  They were large and she shared one with me.

Dale & Debbie

 They have a patio and a regular area for dining.  We all chose the patio to take advantage of the nice weather.  The patio was an add on and is popular except during the hot part of the year.  There were a number of decorations on the wall and it had a comfortable feeling there.

 Since it's called Coyote Pause, they had to have decorations with a coyote theme.  I can hear the three coyotes on the shelf howling at night now. 

 The baseboard (tile) was very pretty and added to the southwest motif of the restaurant.  Now Gerry wants to buy some tiles for us when we buy a home.

 The backdoor opens onto some boutique shops with eclectic goods for sale in them.  Gerry found a nice cross and got it for a nice price. 

Me talking with my hands.

astrophytu myriostigma cactus
The cactus above was a little larger than a cantaluope and was the strangest one I have ever seen.  I had to search for the name on google and finally found one there.  There are some flowers coming out of the top of the cactus and I hope to get a nice photo of it with the flowers in full bloom.

We've been back there a number of times and are almost regulars there.  They recognize us and know we like the patio and are seated promptly.  After one lunch Dale and I went up to pay the bill and I noticed some cinnamon buns along with huge sticky buns.  I asked what they did with the leftovers and she said they were for sale at $1.00 each.  We each picked up a cinnamon bun and ate it later in the evening for a snack.  It was a little dry by then but still tasted great.

If you are ever on Kinney Rd on the way to Tucson Studio or the Desert Museum check the restaurant out.  It is on the left just before you enter the park grounds.

Now I have to leave you and eat my cinnamon bun.  Yummy.


  1. We had an excellent lunch at Coyote Pause. I love seeing the desert floor come alive.

  2. The homemade veggie burgers were really good!