Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Adobe Deli - Deming area

I heard about an eclectic bar/restaurant nearby where we are camped and we decided to check it out.  It was a little windy and just about dust storm level, but we were taking a backroad with very little traffic.  So off we went out into the boondocks.

The dust got worse the closer we got to to the restaurant and we were having second thoughts about making the drive.  We slowed down and finally were able to see the turn off for the place.

The restaurant is in an old schoolhouse that closed down 35 years ago.  The bar and dining room were in the old gym and had the most unique decorations and furniture.    The bar was made out of adobe stone with a wooden bar setting on the stones.

It's hard to see but the windows were covered in metal roofing.  The room was full of stuffed animals, old appliances, a tank with fake alligators, etc.  Everything looked like it had been recycled and it worked out fine.

The specialty of the house is ribs and the orders are huge.  As you can see they are brought out on a skewer along with the sides.  Gerry talked to a lady that had ordered them and she said she only ate about 1/3 of the ribs and took the rest of them home for later.  She gave a thumbs up to the taste of the ribs and said she loved them.

I picked up this beautiful lady who was sitting at the bar having a Mai Tai or something like that.

The waitress/bar tender was a cute sassy young girl and as usual I started teasing her.  She gave as good as she received and we had a nice conversation.  At one point she said she wasn't flirting with me and then changed her mind.  I told her she would have to work on her standards for people to flirt with.  Cute girl with a sense of humor.

The place was full of old stuff and many signs.  Gerry spotted this one and got a charge out of it.  This was after the girl flirted and I was beginning to worry a little.

The owner must have liked scales since he had a number of them in different rooms.

His telephone was a little out of date and the beer was warm to say the least.

We both got a charge out of this poster explaining the "most wanted".

There was a windmill in one room and I tried to get a good shot of it, but it was too close.  I liked how it turned out and kept the photo.

Some where along the line the owner pick up this Boar's Head Delicatessen sign.  It had prices that were quite old, but it looked real neat.

The highlight of the article was this stuffed two headed calf.  It actually looked real and most likely was.

You don't see copper washing machines like this anymore.  Most of the old ones were enamel from the ones I remember when I was a lot younger.

They had outside dining but since we've had a week of strong winds and dust it didn't look that appetizing.  What do you think?

They also used a trolley car as a dining room but it didn't look like it was used that much lately.  I didn't see any air conditioning so it would have been used in the winter if at all.

The resident elk looked like he was eating the shrubs growing all over the entrance gate.  It wasn't very clear where the entrance was and we actually had to search for it.

They served huge meals and neither of us could come close to finishing ours.  Out came the doggy bags to take the leftovers back home with us.  The bbq sandwich I ordered was at least a ft long with a pound or two of bbq on it.  Wow!  Gerry had chicken cordon bleu and it was quite strange, but she liked it.  

All in all we had a good time there and glad we went.  I don't think this will be a go to place for us in Deming, but it was fine for a change.  It is definitely unique!

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. Our friend Lee used to love taking people to the deli but we never got there. Love seeing your pictures of the place. Very unique.