Saturday, April 29, 2017

Palomas, Mexico - The Pink Store

We drove down to Columbus, NM and since we were so close to Palomas, Mexico we decided to continue on down there for a visit.  The main reason for the visit was to have lunch in the Pink Store.  They give you a free margarita and we picked up a card for a free drink at the Pancho Villa SP during our visit there.

It was simple to cross into Mexico.  Nobody paid attention to us and we just waltzed in and walked the couple blocks to our destination.  I did stop and talk to the Mexican border control person in my lousy Spanish, but she was able to understand me.

 The Pink Store is in plain view as soon as you enter Palomas.  There are a couple pharmacys, dentist office and optical offices near the Pink Store.  We didn't visit them since we didn't need any of their services.  Our neighbor at the RV park had some major dental work at 1/4 the price he was quoted by his local dentist.


 We enjoyed our free drinks and my Taco Salad was quite different but very tasty.  Gerry a nice enchilada plate that was very good and quite large.  She was almost able to finish it off.  They had a large bar with enough liquor to please most anyone.  Tequila seemed to be the most popular liquor as one would expect in Mexico.

 After our late lunch Gerry decided to look around the store for some bargains.  Since the motorhome bins are full it would have to be something small.  She did find some beautiful glass pieces for a very reasonable price but didn't think we had room for them.

 The dinner plates would go well in a Southwestern home, but the furniture looked out of place.  Notice the nice glass bowl on the table.

There was a statue of Black Jack Pershing shaking hands with Pancho Villa in the courtyard next to the Pink Store.  It looked strange to see the two of them shaking hands when in fact they were enemies. 

We didn't get accosted by panhandlers and people trying to sell us items we didn't want other than one man who made a halfhearted attempt to sell us something.

As we were leaving there was a steady stream of children crossing back into Mexico.  The younger ones went to school in Columbus and later we saw a number of busloads of children returning from attending school in Deming, NM.  These were the anchor babies that we were born in the US and live in Mexico with their parents.  I wonder who pays for these children to attend school in the US and if the parents pay anything toward their education.  Highly unlikely that there is any payment coming from them.  From what I understand this is typical in the border towns all along the border between the US & Mexico.  We saw the same thing in Naco, AZ and Nogales.

We headed back to our RV park and called it a day.  It was interesting and we had a good time with the trip down there.

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. I said the Purple store yesterday...that is in Los Algodones. I meant the Pink store. It is heck getting old! I love how colorful that store is.