Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tucson Sunrise

 I woke up early today and decided to get some pictures of sunrise around our campground west of Tucson.  We have the Tucson Mountain range to the east of us and I wanted to capture the sun rising over them.  I got a late start or the sun came up faster than I thought it would so there wasn't that much time to capture all the beauty of the sunrise.

Gazebo in campground in front of our campsite.
 Normally I avoid taking photos with telephone poles in them but I liked this view and took the shot. 


Another telephone pole shot

 Saguaro cactus in the foreground standing watch over the sunrise.

The saguaro cactus below wasn't very tall but already had two arms growing out of it.  Arms don't usually appear until the cactus is 75 years old and are for the most part taller than this one.  It reminded me of advertisement for a Tequilla commerical.

 There aren't many tall trees in the area so smart hawks use the top of telephone poles as perches to look for their prey.  The hawk here was eyeing me but I lucked out and he changed his mind.

 We are located about 40 miles from the Kitt Peak Observatory and it was lit up with the early morning sun and stood out very clearly.  

Kitt Peak Observatory Overview

Our friends Debbie and Dale left yesterday for Camp Verde, AZ and their first visit to the Sedona area.  They are avid hikers and bikers and I know they will love that part of Arizona.  They were camped at the same park as us this past month and we managed to show them most of the interesting things to do and see in the area.  They liked the Guadalajara Original Grill and we went there for dinner the last night they were in the area.  We had a great time with them and look forward to seeing them in the Fall in the Virginia area.  Safe travels you two.

We are winding down our stay here in Tucson and plan on leaving April 13 and heading our way back to North Carolina and finally to our cabin in Pennsylvania.  It looks like Florida will be our destination for next winter, but that is written in jello. 


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    1. We really enjoyed the Tucson area and spending time with you guys! We are liking the Camp Verde area as well. Been busy since we arrived...some highlights have been the Verde Canyon Railroad, Montezuma Castle & Well, exploring Sedona and visiting the Chapel of the Holly Cross. We especially liked the town of Jerome; we had dinner at the Haunted Hamburger, and yes I found something vegetarian on the menu. ;) Planning to hike in Sedona tomorrow.

      And your picture reminded me that we kept forgetting to tell you guys that we had that exact view of Kitt Peak from one of our windows in the motor home during our stay at Justin's!