Sunday, July 31, 2016

Slow Slow Internet Speed

We've used Verizon as our internet provider the past 4-5 years and for the most part have been pleased with it.  There have been places where we didn't have internet access, however they were out in the boondocks for the most part.  Mind you we don't have blazing speed unless it's 4G, but we can live with a slower internet.

The cabin is on the side of a mountain and is surrounded by 70-90ft trees which interfere with getting a signal.  Our telephone signal is also lousy for both our Verizon and ATT phones.  Verizon is a little better, but certainly not great.  Uploading and downloading photos take a long time so there won't be many photos in the blog for a while unless we can use Cassie & Jack's internet service.

To make matters worse we don't have TV service up here.  The trees block satellite signals and it is difficult if not impossible to set up a dish to receive any service.  A lady a couple cabins down the road just had Dish installed so I will once again try to see if they can provide service.  We have tried in the past, but the satellites are at a bad angle for us.

We don't have any plans for travel for the next two months and will slowly finish up some minor repairs and painting.  There isn't any hurry to finish up the work so we will take our time.

I mentioned earlier that my Dr appointment didn't go as well as expected and I'm taking medicine to treat a problem.  Hopefully it will take care of the problem and we can get back on the road in late September.  It seems that my driving 6K miles in a couple months with long stretches of driving took it's toll.  

If we do anything interesting or exciting I will blog about it.  In the meantime it is off to the local library to pick up some movies, documentaries and such.  We also enjoy audio books so it won't be that boring up here.  Now if we could just get the rain to stop for a while and dry this place up.

That was our last few days, how were yours?


  1. We have Direct TV with a portable dish. Paul has been able to move the dish just about any where to get coverage. If you just have a small window in the trees, this might be the answer.

    Good luck with your medical issue. Hope the meds do the trick.

  2. So sorry to hear about the medical issues. Hopefully all will be good in September. We enjoy audio books also. They really help to pass the time when we have no tv reception. Sitting in Apache Junction our Verizon is slow because we're at the "edge" of service. Very frustrating at times.

  3. Sure hope you are on the mend Larry. Ya the long miles do take a tole on the health. 894 miles in a day is way too much but.....Relax and get rested up.