Monday, July 4, 2016

On To Crossville, TN

June 28, 2016

We were up early for our drive to Crossville, TN and a stopover at one of our favorite campgrounds.   We stopped to fill up the motor home at a Pilot station and as usual the pump stopped at $150.00.  Since it was almost full, I didn't go through the routine of inserting the credit card and fuel card once again.  

It wasn't long before we crossed the border into Tennessee for the 1st time in 5-6 years.  We used to always travel thru the state on our way west, but lately have been stopping in Charlotte, NC on the way out.  We took the bypass around the north and east part of Nashville and moved along at a good clip without any delays.  They sure do have short merge ramps on that highway though and it was a little hairy merging into traffic.

We used to always stop in Crossville, TN on our trips through Tennessee and this time was no exception.  We discovered the Spring Lake CG a number of years ago and managed to reserve three nights there.  

Our site was right on a curve on the lake and we had a great view from our patio.  The swing was used every day and we really unwound from the past 3-4 weeks.  The site also had a table and chairs, a grill and a fire ring.

 The lake is stocked with fish and it's free to fish there but it's a catch and release lake.  We saw a number of fish rising to the water along the shore and in the middle.

 There was a family of ducks along the shore and we saw them every day while we were there.   One duckling was larger than the other two and looked a little out of place.  They weren't afraid of us and continued on with their business.

 Each evening a fish swam a few feet from the shore and seemed to be eating something in the grass.  It was about 2 1/2 ft long and moved in a swishing motion.  We couldn't get a picture of the whole fish and I'm not sure what kind it was.  It did look like a small shark fin cruising for a meal.  There is sort of an outline of it visible in this photo.

 We stopped at a local restaurant and they brought out complimentary hush puppies, cole slaw and a pot of beans.  They were about a meal in themselves.  It was our first chance to have a Yuengling draft since last November and it tasted great.  The hush puppies were good and when asked if we'd like more, we accepted.  We ate so much, we hardly had room for our main meal.

We took the opportunity to go geocaching and found a couple of them to add to the list.  Tennessee is the 38th state where we have found a geocache and we hope to find one in each state eventually.

July 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

We pullet out of the Silver Lake RV Resort reluctantly and headed to Buena Vista, VA for a night stay at the Glen Maury River campground run by the city.  It was nice enough except that it was on grass and I wouldn't like to stay there if there is rain in the forecast.  The extraction fee to get us unstuck is about $500 and not covered by our emergency road service.  

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant reputed to be the best one in the county.  I'm not sure how many there were in the county, but if this was the best then I feel sorry for them.  It was good enough, but nothing special.

We left early the next morning and made our way to the cabin to park for the next three months. We left October 21, 2015 and traveled 6,225 miles at a cost of $1,820 for fuel in 253 days.

It was a great trip and we still love being out on the road seeing new sights and enjoying the great Southwest.  We don't have any firm plans for this upcoming winter, but it looks like Florida or back to the Southwest.  That's it for this trip.    


  1. I hope you come out West. Glad you are back to the cabin safely. Keep up the blog Larry.

  2. So glad to have you back on the East Coast! Can't wait to see you!