Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Finishing Touches on Cabin

July 18-23, 2016

Gerry, Grant and I went to my doctor appointment in Olney, MD today which was an 85 mile drive one way.  It was supposed to be a routine yearly appointment but it turned out to be something entirely different.  More about that in a future blog.

We took advantage of being down in the Washington, DC suburbs to pick up some wine and beer.  The prices there are much lower than up here around the cabin.  We had lunch at a Greek restaurant we liked when we lived in the area.  Unfortunately, it didn't live up to our memory of the food or service.  Then it was back to the cabin in a rainstorm.  

Barbara arrived from Concord, NC on Monday night after working in the morning.  She said it wasn't a bad drive and traffic moved along well.  That isn't always the case on I-81.  

We started working on painting more of the cabin the next morning with help from Grant, Barbara, Cassie, Belle, and her boyfriend Bryce.  I put Belle in charge of painting the skirting around the cabin since she was the only one who could squat like that and paint at the same time.

 Cassie, Barbara and Gerry were touching up the side of the cabin and I managed to get a nice photo of them all in a line.  We used a roller to apply the paint and the bottom of some boards were missed in places.

Cassie, Barbara & Gerry

 Once again the three musketeers were working together and expressed the view of me taking their photo.  I think I interrupted them chatting about something I shouldn't be hearing.

What can I say, I still love them.

Cleaning the roller & paint brushes isn't that much fun, but Barbara and Cassie did a great job.  They used cold water so that made it that much harder but the paint residue didn't go into the septic tank since they washed them outside.

Sisters Barbara & Cassie

 Cassie and Jack painted the small porch and that was when we noticed the paint looked different.  Well, it was different.  We bought what we thought was Cabin Plank which was a dark chocolate color and this paint had a purplish tint to it.  Oh Oh!! 

Cassie & Jack

 They had almost finished painting the porch when it became obvious it was the wrong paint.  Cassie and Jack took the paint back to Lowe's and they checked what we had ordered against what was in the paint can.  Their Bad.  It was the wrong mixture and they quickly mixed another gallon correctly at no charge. 

Cassie & Jack

 The girls had enough of cleaning brushes and tricked Gerry into cleaning them.  She said the water was so cold her hands almost froze.  That is what happens when you bring up well water from almost 200 ft down.

Gerry cleaning brushes and paint bucket

 Grant just turned 15 and is about 6' 1" now and feeling his oats.  Cassie asked him to do something and he challenged her to arm wrestle him.  I won't say who won the match but one person thought the other cheated. 

Cassie & Grant

 Grant and Barbara were asking all week when we were going to the Ott House Bar & Restaurant for dinner.  Jack chimed in also so we finally made it there Friday night for dinner.  As usual we all had a great time and enjoyed the food, drink and atmosphere at the Ott House in Emmitsburg, MD.

Saturday was Barbara's departure day to return back home.  Since she had her truck, she carried a few items back with her; three old sleds, a bike, and a 1946 General Electric refrigerator that still works great.  Henry always looks forward to seeing what treasures Barbara manages to get from us and I want him to be happy.  Enjoy the great stuff Henry.

Actually, the bike, refrigerator and one sled was for Larry Jr and Grant.  We managed to load the fridge with help from Jack and then packed everything in closely. 

Ready to Roll
Grant was going to stay with us until we went down for Hannah's bridal shower, but it didn't work out that way and he left with Barbara through no fault of his.

We were sad to see them leave but we needed the rest and they needed to be back home.  Thanks a million guys, you were a big help.

That was our week, how was yours?


  1. Awesome photo of the barn.
    The cabin looks great. Good job to all

  2. Cabin is really looking good. Glad you had all the help.