Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meanwhile, Back At The Cabin

July 13-16 

We were so busy during this time period that I didn't have the energy to write a blog or publish any pictures.  This is a catch up on that time period.

Grant was put in charge of burning all the loose wood, boxes, etc that were around the cabin and handled the job very well.  He sawed up a couple old bookcases, some rotten wood and kept the fire going all day long.  It was a hot job, but he enjoyed doing it.

 Gerry and Larry Jr. were painting a couple repair jobs and getting the first coat of paint on the boards.  The picture isn't that sharp since it was late in the day.

 The windows still need painting, but the boards have been painted and the new brown color looks great.  The cabin had been painted with redwood stain since 1979 numerous times, but it always faded fast.  We switched over to paint for this time and it went on with one coat which is great for us. The skirting on the lower part still needed painting in this photo.

 The two Larrys were working together on a repair of the skirting behind the cabin.  The old wood had a hole in it where an animal used to crawl under the cabin.  It must have been one surprised skunk or whatever when we boarded up it's entrance.

 Cassie & Belle came over to help and took a break at the end of the day on the screened in porch.  Larry Jr. helped me (he did most of the work) on redoing the screening on the porch a couple years ago. 

We are very pleased that our family chipped in to help paint the cabin.  Last year I tried to get a painter to come up here and paint the cabin but he didn't want to make the trip.  We are out in the woods as you can tell from some photos.  It is very difficult to get any tradesmen interested because of the location.

I was also working but couldn't take photos of me so you will have to take my word for it.  Of course I was a little slower than the younger folks.


  1. Looks great. And I keep telling Todd that's the reason we had him - so he could help us in our old age.

  2. I see you sent some things back with know our deal so I will look up in the attic next week.