Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rainy Monday

Well, we were rained out once again with a downpour.  It rained hard at the cabin, but we had some errands to run so we went out in it anyway.  I actually like to drive in the rain so it wasn't a problem.

The road repaving crew were at it again.  The only direct route for us to head south is on Old Forge Rd and the road closed sign was up again.  They don't give any notice or even tell how long the project will last.  You find out about it when you see the sign that the road is closed.  What a way to run a business.

One errand was to take our electric chainsaw down to a local hardware store and have it sharpened.  I can sharpen it, but the hardware store has a machine that does a much better job.  When I took the chainsaw in the clerk said they only sharpened Stihl saw blades.  WHAT!   They have been sharpening blades for me for the past 15 years and when I protested they agreed to do the job if I took the chain off the saw.  Not having any tools and them refusing to let me use theirs negated getting the job done there. What happened to service at these places?

By this time the weather really took a turn for the worse and the wind picked up and was blowing the rain sideways against the car.  By the time we got to Waynesboro, PA it was raining cats and dogs as the old saying goes.  It was very difficult to see ahead of me with the windshield wipers going full blast.

The road was covered with about 8-10 inches of water from sidewalk to sidewalk.  Waynesboro is hilly and we were almost to the town square when we had to stop for a red light.  The cars going in the opposite direction splashed water over the top of our car.

 Main street in Waynesboro was flooded in a number of places and it was slow driving to keep the water off the engine.

 Even with the windshield wipers going full blast this is my view of the road.  I was starting to not like driving in the rain by this time, but didn't have any option but to keep on moving.  I sure wasn't going to park in a foot of water and wait it out.

 The downspouts on buildings were so full that the water was coming out of the seams.  There wasn't anyplace for the water to go since the storm drains were full to capacity and then some.

All in all 1.13 inches of rain fell in about 30 minutes and made many streets into rivers.   I am sure glad we weren't out walking in that mess.  We did get the bottom of the car washed pretty good.

About a mile out of town the rain stopped like someone had drawn a line in the road.  It was perfectly dry there and we remarked that how it was in Illinois during their thunderstorms.  We completed our other errands in dry weather and headed back to the cabin and the high humidity of 97%.

Now our friends in Tucson are having their hands full with rain today and they got .78 inches of rain that closed down roads and the entrance to the Cactus Country RV Park.  Arizona doesn't bother with culverts in the low lying parts of roads and just lets the water run on the road.  Saves money but it is a problem when you can't get home or out of your home.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Good grief! Glad you got back home safely!

    Houston is like Tucson. When it rains there is no where for the water to go. Places can flood with very little rain.

  2. Sounds like our weather the previous week, except we had high winds & plenty of downed trees!