Monday, August 29, 2016

August Catch-up Post

I said I would post to the blog when something of interest was going on around here.  August turned out to be a very routine time for us with not much happening.  We had a rainy spell where it rained about every other day and it felt like we were living in a rain forest.  The last 5-6 days have been beautiful, sunny and warm days and we have been having our coffee on the screened in porch every morning.  We put out a couple Hummingbird feeders that are in view from the porch and enjoy seeing those pretty little birds.

We celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary on August 17 and went to the Carriage House Inn restaurant in Emittsburg, MD for dinner.  It was built in 1857 and we were married a century later in 1957.  The meal was superb and we had a great time even though we had monsoon rain all day and night.

The photo below isn't from our Anniversary celebration, however we didn't take one on the actual date.  Cassie & Jack joined us for dinner a short time before our anniversary and we enjoyed having dinner with them.  Wow, those 59 years went by very fast.  Who said the marriage wouldn't last?

 We took Gerry's bike in for repairs and she had to try it out as soon as she could and took a short ride around the cabin area.  As you can see, she didn't have her biking clothes on but enjoyed the ride just the same.

 A local farmer sells corn and tomatoes from their garden each year and we finally stopped by to get some of each.  The corn was very large and delicious, easily the best corn we've had in years.  The tomatoes were very tasty and took us back to when we had a garden.  Nothing like homegrown tomatoes.

 Evidently the farm couple have grandchildren since they had a beautiful play area along side of a creek.  They had planted flowers, had picnic tables, a trampoline, toy horses to ride and much more.  It looked so nice and inviting I am sure they could rent it out to responsible people for the day.

 Notice the trampoline and teeter totter along the creek side.  There are huge shade trees all around the area to help keep it cool.  The farmer converted a 50ft elevator into a slide and it looked like it had been used a lot.

 We came back from Costa Rica in 1992 and we kept our air-freight container painted and in good shape for many years.  The winters here at the cabin finally destroyed the container and I burned it one day.  Our son used it as his little garage for his Jeep things for a long time and then it became a garden tool shed.

I am progressing along with my health problem very nicely, feel confident I will be ready to hit the open road late September.  We have been seeing all our doctors and moving along with our yearly checkups.  We finally got a doctor a few miles from the cabin after losing our last doctor when her office closed.  We both like the new doctor and he seems very competent.  In addition he is a dedicated geocacher with 5400 finds.

A couple good friends of ours are having health issues and working through them.  Out of respect for their privacy I won't name them but they both read the blog and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Other than the usual day to day routine nothing much else has been going on around here.  We are on track to get the cabin in tip top shape the day before we leave again as usual.  Then next summer we will start all over again with the maintenance and repairs.

I hope everyone is having a good summer and enjoying the nice weather.


  1. Wow...59 years. Some of these young kids can take a good lesson from you two. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

    That farm looks like a park.

    Glad to read your health issues are coming along. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on 59 years. That is so coool. Really great to hear your health issues are getting resolved. That we really like.

  3. Good to hear from you. I've been wondering what you're up to. Finishing up doctors here too. Eyes now and we're done. It's been hot, humid and raining here. Great for all growing things and Ron's lawnmower. Hope your medical issues end favorably and quickly.