Thursday, June 16, 2016

US State Capitals Quiz

Just a short blog tonight with a few questions for my readers.  If you know my email address, send me the answer or just type in the answer as a comment.

Which US President created the US Interstate Highway System?

How many and what are the names of State Capitals that are not served by an interstate?

No cheating by looking at a map or googling the answer.

Have fun and good luck. 

BTW:  We are in Branson, MO and sweltering in the 98 degree weather with high humidity.  Where is the dry heat when you need it?


  1. We were sweating in Ohio until yesterday. Finally the rain came, and boy did it come!

    I have no idea what the answers are.

  2. No idea. But now i have to go look it up. We are going up into the 90's tomorrow but the humidity isn't too bad. Just think - you could be in AZ with the 115 and higher temps and fires. Think it's going to be a very long summer for them.

  3. Eisenhower highway system. Juneau Alaska is definitely one.

    1. Yep re Eisenhower. Juneau is correct, 3 more to go.

    2. Google says there is 5...
      Five U.S. state capitals are still not served by the interstate highway system: Juneau, AK; Dover, DE; Jefferson City, MO; Carson City, NV; and Pierre, SD.
      But that was in 2008

  4. Carson City, NV has an interstate highway now that didn't exist in 2008. The other 4 are correct. Take your seat in the LEMAC box. Do you know what the LEMAC box refors to? Another quiz question.