Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beaver Dam State Park, Carlinville, IL

We have been here at Beaver Dam SP for the past 8 days visiting with family and friends in the area.  The internet & phone connection has been terrible and this is the first time I could get on to update the blog.  Forget about loading any pictures, it ain't going to happen.

We plan on leaving Monday morning and heading for Kentucky, TN, VA and home to the cabin in PA.  ETA around June 30 to avoid the July 4th weekend and the madhouse it will be in campgrounds.

It's been very hot here and we've been running the a/c most of the time except for the late night when it cools off.  It is difficult to open the windows since every camper has a nice blazing campfire to sit around.  Don't they know the campfire makes it even hotter?  Oh well, we used to do the same when we camped in our popup camper back in the 60s and 70s.  Not now though.

I will write more when we get a good signal.  Keep cool out there.


  1. No internet is such a bummer. But good to hear from you. Save travels.

  2. Just enjoy the family and friends. You can always post.

  3. Just caught up on your blog. Hope you make it back to PA before the holiday. Think of us as you go through VA! We will be in Buena Vista, CO this Fourth of July. We did have a very hard time finding a good spot for the holiday, and that was about a month ago! We will miss you guys this 4th and never forget all of the fireworks we saw last year when we were in Rapid City, SD! They definitely go all out in and around that city!!!

  4. Have you made it back to the cabin? We are in Maine until July 30th, then headed to Indiana.