Thursday, June 9, 2016

Resting In Bernalillo, NM

Only one picture for the blog today since we have been taking it easy in Bernalillo (Albuquerque area) since Monday.  We had been on the go so much lately and decided to just sit around and relax.  It's a good thing we did since the temperature has been in the mid 90s since we got here.  We have a nice casita next to the motorhome with a covered picnic table for happy hour.

I was a little surprised that RT 550 from Bloomfield to here was at such a high altitude.  We've been over the road numerous times but didn't know how high it was.  Bloomfield is at 5,450 ft and as soon as you head south you begin a long climb of 30 miles up to 7,000 ft and basically stay at that altitude for 120 miles.  It was a gradual climb so wasn't a problem but I am sure I used a lot of fuel making the grade.

It must have been a problem for an old gas motorhome since we came upon the burned out remains of a 35 ft one alongside the road.  We came over a crest and there it was about a foot off the road with some debris on the highway.  Hope everyone got out of there safely.

We have a nice pull-thru campsite at Coronado CG in Bernalillo with water and 50 amp electric.  We certainly need the 50 amp since we have been using both a/c to keep the motorhome cool.  We do have a little shade so that helps.

Other than taking a trip to Costco, Kohls and the grocery store we have been chilling out (if that is possible in the heat) and catching up on some chores.  Our mail came in to the general delivery section of the Post Office and we went through it.  

One evening we went to the Kaktus Brewhouse down the road.  It reminded us of a roadside African restaurant with a dirt road, ramshackle building and a very informal atmosphere.  We each had a beer and didn't really care for them.  One was enough and we were out of there.  

We hope to visit the "Old Town" section of Albuquerque on Friday if it isn't too hot.  Thursday will be a trip to a local casino and then dinner with friends Russell & Karen at the Range Restaurant.  It will be nice to see them again and catch up on their travels and what's going on with them.

As stated above, it is nice to just take it easy once in a while even when you are on the road.

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  1. If you like Native American art, take a short drive over to Ben Muir (hope that's spelled right)... just across the road from the Sandia Casinao (just off I 25).... lovely jewelry, rugs, arts and crafts.... at a reasonable price. One of my favorite places.