Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finding Campsites in the Summer

Most full time rvers know enough to avoid trying to reserve a campsite in the summer, especially during holiday weekends.  The weekend warriors and families reserve every weekend in the summer and it's very difficult to find a site for Friday & Saturday night.  Now it's even getting difficult to find one during the week.

We are heading to Branson, MO and have a reservation for three nights at an Escapee Park and should have made it longer.  The local (and only one close) to my brother's home in Gillespie, IL doesn't have any sites available for next week or the following week.  We can get into a COE campground about an hour away but the drive back and forth each day really gets old fast.

A niece has a spot for us at her home with electric and water in Springfield, IL but that is an hour away also.  Another niece near Gillespie may be able to help with an electric hookup and we can fill our water tank.  Guess we will have to make a decision soon. 

I guess the stories about RV sales being up are really true and there are so many people out there trying to find spots in a limited number of sites.  Just a few years ago there never was a problem finding sites on a short notice.  Of course, the Florida Keys is always a difficult place to find sites.  

Our friends, Debbie and Dale, with whom we spent Memorial Day week, sent beautiful photos of their hike at Capital Reef.  Debbie said it was the most difficult hike she has ever done, what with the heat and the difficulty of the location.  If we were 20 years younger, we would have loved to hike it with them.

I guess we will spend July & August at our cabin where we are assured of a space with water & electric.  The only bad thing about that is there is so much work to be done that we leave tired out and look forward to getting back on the road.  We do look forward to the Fall season when all the little kiddies and parents are back at work and school.

We went geocaching today in the area around Heyburn Lake and managed to find 7 caches.  There were many more close by but it was quite warm and it was uncomfortable getting in and out of the a/c in the car.  None of the caches were that difficult and weren't that interesting so we called it quits early.  We are up to 1,583 found caches and moving in on 1600.  

We couldn't find a cache in Silverton, CO a couple weeks ago and told the owner that it was missing.  He placed the cache out of service and when he went to look for it the cache was gone.  Two people "signed the log" as being found after my reporting the loss and that raises questions.  Did they actually find the cache or just take credit but not actually find it? 

That was our day, how was yours?



  1. We love COE campgrounds, but an hour drive is just too much.
    I do remember when we traveled more in the summer how crowded every place was. I also remember making reservations in the summer way in advance. I think that is the only way we were able to get into some campgrounds like Yosemite.

  2. We really don't like to travel much in the summer. Spring and Fall are great but avoiding popular camping spots in the summer is always our goal. I also hate to make reservations so that becomes a real challenge. We definitely don't need to worry about any of that this summer. Didn't think there would be cache fudgers out there. What's the point of saying you found it when you really didn't. But there's a whole lot of people out there I don't understand.

  3. A couple weeks ago we or our son and family were driving 30 miles one way to visit each other. Des Moines area is a lost cause for campsites most of the time. We were in a fairgrounds rv park with water, electric and a dump. Cut our 2 wk stay to 11 days because of the drive and having to dump. You are right. A lot more rvers now and too few sites.

  4. We are headed to Fl for a few days then to Maine for a month. Hope to see you on the way back to Tucson .