Sunday, June 12, 2016

Heyburn Lake, Oklahoma

We left Bernalillo Saturday morning with Amarillo, TX as our destination for Saturday night.   RT 550 is so busy that we had to make a right turn and then pull through a service station on the left side of the road.  It was impossible to find an opening in traffic to make a left turn out of the campground.  Busy, busy road for a Saturday morning.

We stopped at a local Valero fuel station to fill the tank on the motorhome.  It didn't take much, but I wanted to travel on the top half of the tank.  We were using the generator to run the a/c to keep it comfortable in the coach and it was using a fair amount of fuel.

It was a windy day with a 17-22 mph side wind, but the coach handled it fine.  We cruised along at a steady 65mph pace until we got within 10 miles of our stop at the Oasis RV park west of Amarillo.  Then we ran into some very heavy wind and it was difficult to control the motorhome, but thankfully I was able to slow down and pull into the campground.  I am sure glad that I didn't have that wind to contend with all day.  Because of the strong winds Gerry had troubles with the motorhome door and then the park office door as well.

Sunday morning we left Oasis RV park and drove to Heyburn Lake near Kellyville, OK.   We took the turnpike out of Oklahoma City and finally exited onto the famous US Route 66 for a few miles.  We lived near US 66 in Illinois when we were kids so it doesn't have the magic for us to drive on it.

The park attendant gave us directions to the lake and we thought she must have given us bad instructions.  The road was barely wide enough for the motor home and we crossed over the I-44 turnpike on a bridge rated at 4 tons.  We are close to 18 tons alone with the motor home and that doesn't count the car.  Thankfully, it was a short bridge and we zoomed over it.  I didn't look back and hope it is still there when we leave here in a couple days.

We have a nice back-in site with water/electric service and a view of the nice lake.  This is a COE park and with our Golden Age pass we are camping for $10/night.  Hard to beat that price for such a nice place.  We signed up for two nights and may stay another if the weather holds up.  You never know from day to day what it will be like in Oklahoma.

That was our exciting last couple days as we head for Branson and then on to Illinois to visit with my brother and his family.  


  1. Always nice to read your blog and interesting travels. Keep on Blogin it is a fun read each day.

  2. Me, too, love to read your blog but I am guilty for not posting sometimes on my own. Thank you.

  3. Glad you made it to your destination without crashing down on I-44! And hope you make it back across when you leave!