Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Big Brother's First Surgery Successful.

My brother went in for open heart surgery on Monday.  He had to take a number of tests to see if he could handle the surgery and it was touch and go until late Monday morning.  The doctor finally said it was a go and scheduled him for an afternoon operation.  

Late afternoon after all the delays and false starts but they finished with him around 9:30pm on Monday night.  The text messages from his 7 children and me were burning up the wires on how it was going.  He is still in ICU and won't be released from there until Thursday and then moved to a regular room.

We all are hoping for a speedy recovery for him and that he can go home soon.  He doesn't much care for hospitals and can get a little cranky if he is in one for long.  Little is an understatement when it comes to him and hospitals.

Thanks to all who have said prayers for him and have shown such concern for his well being.  

His next major operation will come in about 6 weeks and that one will take over 7 hours.  I will write more details about that one as it gets closer.  It isn't heart related but will be a difficult one to handle and recovery will take a lot longer.  Thankfully he has great doctors otherwise these operations could not take place.

We have been cleaning the cabin and going to doctors ourselves for routine checkups.  Nothing very exciting and nothing we have been looking forward to.

That's all from here in Pennsylvania for now.


  1. So grateful your brother came through the surgery okay. Jim has had two heart by pass operations and let me tell you, it's harder on those of us waiting and seeing them in ICU. Jim always says they gave him good drugs and he doesn't really remember any of it. Thank goodness. Hope all your tests are okay. Prayers for all of you.

  2. Continued prayers for your brother. I am not sure any one enjoys being in the hospital.

  3. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your brothers family.

  4. Glad to hear this surgery went well. We'll keep him in our prayers.