Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dill Gravy & Birthdays

Sept 18-25, 2015  South Mountain, PA

 Barbara & Henry drove up to the cabin on Sep 18 and arrived late in the afternoon.  They changed cars and we headed for the Ott House restaurant in Emmitsburg, MD.  I've written about the Ott House before and won't go into detail this time, but suffice to say it is a favorite of the family.  Cassie, Jack & Bella joined us there and we had a great time.  No pictures were taken this time for some reason.

Gerry, Cassie and Barbara prepared pulled pork BBQ and also a pork chop and rice casserole for Saturday.  It was the first day of special dinners and requests for us.  Luckily I enjoyed all the meals so I was the big winner.

One of the reasons for the visit was to help celebrate Cassie's birthday on the 20th.  We had a cabin full for the celebration with Tom & Darlene (G's sister), Erin & Herbert and three children, Cassie, Jack & Bella, Barbara & Henry and Gerry and me.  Gerry made homemade soup and dill gravy and dumplings, along with a beef roast.  Barbara & Erin wanted to learn the process, as it is a family recipe that isn't written down, so they helped a lot with the preparation.  WOW, we ate good that day.  Not everybody likes the dill gravy so the beef roast was for them. 

Homemade soup

Dill Gravy

We got a cake for Cassie and sang happy birthday to celebrate her special day.   She showed up in style Saturday with her latest Easter hat on and a big smile.  I don't know where they celebrated that day before they got there, but they must have had a great time.

Where're the Margaritas?

Sunday birthday celebration.
Barbara & Cassie

Erin, Abigail, Herbert & Caden
 Erin & Barbara returning from their morning walk of 6 miles.  They both were surprised how much more difficult it is walking up here with all the steep and long hills.  No level ground around here.

Barbara & Henry got me a back scratcher for my birthday.  I was joking with them and called it a toilet bowl cleaner and stuck to that story.  They also gave me a gift card to Applebee's restaurant which will be used right away.

Bella brought her computer for me to check, but it ran fine while she was here.

 Monday the weather took a turn colder and Barbara & Gerry wanted a fire to take the chill off in the cabin.  The heatilator fireplace works very well and it was soon warm and toasty in the cabin for them to work on their card crafting

Tuesday morning Gerry and I went down to the Silver Spring, MD area for our doctor appointments and Barbara went with Cassie & Bella shopping and an appointment.  It was late when we returned and everyone met at the cabin for leftovers.  

Henry had some appointments in the PA, NY, CT & NJ areas and was gone Monday and Tuesday.  

Wednesday morning they headed back to NC around 5:30am and we got up to tell them goodbye but missed them by 10 minutes.  Since we were up, we headed to Gettysburg, PA for breakfast but couldn't find a decent place to eat and wound up in Fayetteville, PA for breakfast at a small local diner.  Same place as we had lunch with Linda & Sherwin last year.

Then, we went back to the cabin and crashed.  Only for a day and then more doctor appointments.  All results have been great so far and it will be nice to have the doctor visits behind us.

Someone with the initials GC has a birthday coming up Tuesday.

That was our week, how was yours?


  1. Thanks for a great weekend with lots of food! Nothing like bonding time on the screened in porch.

  2. Dill gravy? Never heard of it.

    Cassie looks like a gal I would like. Fun loving.

    Glad all the appointments are going well.

    If I am right, please pass along a big happy birthday wish to your significant other.