Saturday, September 26, 2015

Busy Days At The Cabin

We have been busy scheduling and going to doctor appointments.  Our long time GP doctor threw in the towel last year and retired due to all the new government regulations and changes.  Bummer!  We had to find a new GP and that was a little more difficult to accomplish than we thought it would be. 

The doctor we selected wanted all our medical records sent to her office before she would schedule an appointment.  That took us to the last week in town and we didn't have time to see her.  This year we scheduled appointments early and got that taken care of.  Of course she wanted more blood work and test done so she could get a better picture of our health.  More visits to a lab and finally we were good to go.  It takes an average of 2 hours to get in to see the doctor since there always seems to be at least an hour wait for each visit.  

Then we had other doctor visits down near where we used to live and they were 90 miles away.  So much for early morning visits with a 2 hour drive ahead of us.  We continue with these doctors since we like and trust them to take good care of us.  At least we can schedule one visit before lunch and then another after lunch.  It does take us all day when we see these two, but they are worth it.

So far all is well with us other than a few nicks and bruises.  Gerry and I both have one more routine visit and we will be done with doctor visits for a while.  This growing old isn't for the faint of heart.

We had company at the cabin and celebrated some birthdays, but I will write more about that later. My brother has been back home after his heart bypass surgery and is doing well with his recovery.  He didn't bounce back like some people do, but he was in worse shape than many people.  He says he feels better now and is trying to get ready for his major cancer surgery the end of October.   

Looking to leave here sometime the week of October 20 or thereabouts.  No firm departure date since it all depends on factors out of our control.  Weather always dictates leaving the cabin since I have to drive on dirt in order to get out of the parking space for the motor home.  It's a very tight squeeze leaving here and if it is muddy, then I will delay our departure or leave before the rain comes.  It's not like packing a suitcase and loading it in the car and hitting the road.  I do wish it was that simple.  One year we got 14 inches of snow on the day before we wanted to leave.

I see a number of  the snowbirds are already on the road and having a great time.  Most will be leaving the northern reaches and heading out in late October after viewing the beautiful fall weather.

We had lunch at Panera Bread recently and while I have seen a lot of weird things over the years, this one is near the top.  How do you like this hair do?  I think she is a zookeeper or loves leopards.



  1. Boo Hoo - Jim just told me I couldn't have that hairdo. What is she thinking? Or not thinking. Glad your brother is recovering. It really is tough to get old. Had my doctor appts this week also and are done for another year. I keep telling Jim it's a good thing I'm healthy so I can take care of him. We will be slowly making our way south starting Monday. Have to be back for Jim's next surgery in November.

  2. I love pumpkin season!
    Glad all your appointments are over for awhile. What a pain it is going to any doctor.
    Good to read the news about your brother. Praying for continued improvement.
    How do I like that hair do? NOT!

  3. I think she forgot to comb her hair that morning!! glad you both are well, also glad your brother is ding well and pray for him during his next surgery.. you are so right getting old is NOT for the faint of heart... see you soon I hope.

  4. Glad you got your doctors' appointments out of the way and both in good health. Right, getting old isn't for sissies - how well we know! Good luck to your brother - wow, two major surgeries within months of each other, hard to handle. Hope you can time your departure around weather and don't risk getting the motorhome stuck in sand/mud, and have safe travels. We'll probably still be in Tucson when you get back, so let us know and let's get together. It will be great to see you and Gerry again. As for the hairdo, well, no comment.