Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brother's Surgery Update

My brother is still in the hospital after his bypass surgery but is recuperating slowly.  Hopefully he will be released to go home sometime this week.  It should help with his disposition and make him more comfortable in his home.

Gerry and I have been working on the cabin with the never ending chores there to make it livable after being closed for 10 months.  We usually stay in the motor home for the first week or so and clean the cabin.  This year we've had doctor appointments and many other chores so we are still in the motor home.  We do use the cabin when visitors come up since it is easier to cook in the kitchen and there is more space for visiting.

We've been thinking that we will stay in the motor home while we are here since everything we use is here.  The washer/dryer is in the MH and it will save Gerry many trips with the clothes.  It will also eliminate needing things and find out they are in the wrong location.  Plus, we are comfortable in the MH.  When it turns cold up here we will appreciate the nice warm furnace and fireplace even more.

I bought a macerator so we could dump our black tank into the cabin's septic tank.  That will make it much easier to use the MH since we won't having to make all the bathroom visits in the cabin.  Of course the first time I used the "made in China" Flojet macerator one of the clips securing it to the drain valve broke off.  Plastic fittings are terrible.  Now I will take it back to Camping World and see if I can get a replacement.  CW is known for their friendly customer relations so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

A short trip to North Carolina is in store for us today.  Larry Jr and Jane are heading to Las Vegas on Thursday for a few days and we are going to stay with Grant.  Mostly it will be to take him to school and visit with him.   He does love his grandmother's cooking so I am sure he is looking forward to our visit.  We will be back early next week and get ready for Barbara and Henry's visit to the cabin.

Otherwise, it's been a slow time around here in PA.



  1. I know your brother will be so happy to get home. You always feel so much better at home than in the hospital. We have a macerator but I can't remember what brand it is. Jim didn't have any problems with it but it's on the fifth wheel back in AZ and he's fishing.

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy. Glad your brother is doing well and there is nothing like being home and sleeping in your own bed and not have someone wake you up to see if your are sleeping. Enjoy your visit with grant am sure he is anxious to see you both...