Saturday, August 29, 2015

Settling In At The Cabin

We have a small cabin on 3 acres that we've used as a weekend retreat for many years.  When we went full timing we kept the cabin and use it when we are in the area since our daughter Cassie & her family live nearby.  Our neighbors near the cabin keep an eye on it and we don't have any expensive furniture or valuable stuff there so we don't really worry about it while we are gone.  Plus, we have it insured.

It's been over 10 months since we were last here and the cabin came through in good shape, but needs a thorough cleaning to get it livable again.  Having a hookup for the motor home makes it nice since we don't have to rush to finish the cleaning job.  We also want to paint the cabin this year so that will take some time.  

Doctors appointments start on Tuesday for us and continue through September due to other events on our schedule.  A short trip to Charlotte, NC is in order and our daughter Barbara and husband Henry will be coming to the cabin for a long weekend.

I also have to clean up some brush and stuff near the cabin area.  The plan is to burn a lot of the burnable debris and possibly haul off some that won't burn that well.  At least I don't have to worry about forest fires like those poor people out west.

Blogging will be taking a lower priority for the near future.  My brother is scheduled for a serious operation on Monday.  He has a number of issues going against him but remains positive about having the operation.  Once he recovers from the first operation the plan is to perform another one that is going to take 7 hours.  He has a rough road ahead of him for the next couple months.  So, our plans have been put on hold to be able to see him between the operations.  

I will try and update the blog when I can, but there may be weeks that go by without an update.  Gerry and I are doing fine.  Just tired from all the work around here.

Take care.


  1. I'm glad you're at the cabin, despite the "work" ahead! I can't wait to see you!!
    My thoughts & Prayers go out to Uncle Dick especially but also you, & all my cousins. He's got a stubborn streak in there that should serve him well- and a gaggle of kids & grandkids to dote on!

  2. Prayers for your brother and family. Safe travels as you head back to the land of your birth.