Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Coon Creek COE, Lake Shelbyville, IL

The electric company came to the park in the morning to replace a transformer and upgrade it.  The power was spotty there and we had to keep track of what was on while the two a/c were running.  It wasn't a problem like we had in Three Forks, MT so that was a good thing.  It did delay us leaving the park for an hour or so.

We had a short 63 mile drive today but there were more left & right turns than it took to drive from Seattle, WA to Sioux Falls, SD.  That is what happens when you take old state highways, county roads and drive through small Illinois towns.  We must have made 8 turns alone in Pana, IL and it's only 2 miles or so through the town.  It felt like we were in a maze at times.

I would hate to have to give directions and keep straight all the turns and stop signs in these towns.  It took us over two hours for the trip, however overall it was a nice drive.  Traffic was light and we only had to avoid a couple combines, farm tractors and the various vehicles out here.

We managed to snag a full hookup site that is about a 1/2 acre in size.  Since it is a reservable site we can only stay until Friday, but that works for us.  We don't have a set schedule for the next week and plan on just moseying along the highway.

The Corp Of Engineers (COE) parks have reservable and walk in campsites.  As as result, the weekends are reserved a long time in advance and then sit vacant during the week.  That works for us during the week but makes it difficult to grab a site for the weekend.  Of course if push comes to shove we can always boondock in at Walmart, Cracker Barrel and other large parking area for a night.

We really enjoyed seeing everyone back in the Gillespie area.   Always nice to go back home, but home changed so much that it was almost like being in a strange city.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. 107 here today..does that tell you anything about how the day was--oh yes it was dry heat!!!! glad you both are doing good..

  2. Well - we beat Linda - 111 here today. We have now had 15 days above 110 this summer. We drove the back roads through Illinois and Indiana. It's really tough when you can't see around the next corner because of the corn fields.