Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Late Lunch & Departures

We've had heavy rain and some wind just about every day since our arrival here at Cedar Lake.  I had our big awing out and noticed black clouds coming our way.  The awning retracts automatically in high winds but I don't fully trust it to work properly so I brought it back in place.   Our neighbor didn't retract his and this is what he came home to find.  He took it off and trashed the bars and awning material.

 The rain was pouring off our slides and it looked like small waterfalls.  Thank goodness our motor home is water tight and we didn't have any problems.  Note the neighbors trailer before he lost his awning.

We have a queen size air mattress and Cassie and Jack used it while they were here.  Of course it takes up a lot of space and we let the air out of it each morning.  It has a strong air pump that fills it in a couple minutes so it wasn't a problem to take it down each day.  

Gerry and Jack are down on the floor trying to remove the last bit of air from the mattress so we could fold it up.

Behave down there you two.

Today was departure day for Cassie, Jack and Bella and we hated to see them go but Jack had to get back to Maryland and go to work.  They loaded the car and left after lunch heading for points East.

See you in Maryland in a week or so.
 Once they were gone we hit the road to meet our good friends Dee and Ron C at a Cracker Barrel restaurant next to I-57 & US 30.  The GPS took us there via a weird route going down back roads and through some rough areas, but we made good time until we were about a mile from the restaurant and then it took us 15 minutes to go about a mile due to road construction.  What a mess.

We finally parked in the lot and came around the corner of the restaurant.  There they were enjoying the comfortable chairs in front of Cracker Barrel.  It was great seeing them again.  We went in and visited with them for about three hours.  It was non stop conversation and the time went by quickly and then people began to come in for dinner time.

I took a picture of them but since we were seated next to a window the photo didn't come out well enough to include on the blog.  Trust me, they were there and we had a great time.  Finally, we said our goodbyes and they went west while we headed east.  Hopefully we will meet up out in Tucson once again. 

I did find a good picture of them from Tucson and thought I'd include it so you can see how serious they are.

Fish Fry-March 2014

We stopped and picked up a couple caches on the way back and then the weather turned a little rough so we hurried back before the deluge began.  

I had a couple Alfred Hitchcock movies (The Birds & North by Northwest) so we watched them.  They weren't that long and his genius at directing really showed in these movies.  It's ironic the The Birds was filmed in Bodega Bay, CA and we were going to visit there in May but decided to move on.  Then North By Northwest was filmed around Mt Rushmore and we did visit there this past July.  Small world.

That was our day, how was yours?  

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  1. We had a great time visiting with you both. We never seem to run out of things to talk about when we're with you guys. Hope you have a safe trip back east.