Sunday, April 26, 2015

Geocaching & Boulder City, NV

We didn't do a thing on Saturday and just wound down and rested.  It's been a busy and tiring last week or so and down time was really needed.  Actually, Gerry didn't rest that much since she had five loads of clothes washing to catch up since we haven't had a full hookup and electricity for the past week.  

Sunday was taken up with phone calls with our daughter, grand daughter and Gerry's niece.  Boy those girls can really carry on phone conversations.  Finally I couldn't stand being cooped up any longer and decided to go geocaching in the immediate area.  I downloaded a number of caches hidden in Boulder City and off we went.  We wound up finding five caches and got a really nice tour of the city.

The first cache was in the "Artist's Park" and had some history of the building of the dam and also obelisks in ancient history from 2400 BC.  There were a number of other statues in the park and Gerry took a number of photos.  

This huge palm tree was across the street from the park and had a very huge base to it.  I don't know the name of the type of tree other than a palm, but it was very striking to say the least.

The next cache was in another really nice park and was a turbine runner (water wheel) and it was huge.  In order to get credit for the cache it was necessary to have a photo of yourself standing nearby with a GPS in hand.  Other than being in an area with limited parking, it was one of the easiest virtual caches we have found.

 The scenery from the next cache was beautiful and it was hard to concentrate on finding it.  After a few minutes I managed to find it's hiding place and wrote it up.  There were some multi-million dollar houses in the area with million dollar views.

 This last cache was in a very small park with only some rocks and benches.  We found this cache in short order and called it a day.

We have been in Boulder City a number of times but haven't really seen the city.  The downtown area has been restored and there are numerous restaurants, pubs, old motels and other touristy places in the old town area.  We are very impressed with the town and if we chose to live in the area it would be high on our list for places to buy.  

To top the day off we stopped at Gerry's most favorite place in the world, the Dairy Queen and enjoyed a couple Blizzards.  We even ate them before dinner and that made them even better.

So far we are glad we have stopped at the Elk's Lodge RV parking and are very satisfied with it's facilities.  Monday is hamburgers night for dinner and if we are back from running around we intend to enjoy some of them.  The people are very friendly and helpful.  Great stopover.

That was our weekend, how was yours?


  1. Glad to hear you guys are unwinding a little bit. We didn't really explore the town of Boulder City and I think we really missed out. I think there's a RR museum there also that I want to see.

  2. Great shot of the Strip. Glad you like the Elks. We had a great time there.

    We have wanted to do some geocaching but have never made the time. Still on our bucket list.