Friday, April 24, 2015

Finally, arrived in Boulder City, NV

Well, our drive to Boulder City was interesting to say the least.  We woke up early but then took our time waiting for most of the rush hour to settle down.  That worked, but it started raining while we were fueling up the motor home and then had to out wait the downpour.  The parking lot had about 2 inches of water running all over it and we didn't have any wading boots.

All went well after that until we got on I-40 West and the tailwind that assisted us turned into a 30mph side wind and blew us all over the road.  Even the tractor trailer trucks were getting blown around.  I had to slow down to 55 mph to keep the motor home on the road.  While all this was going on Gerry got up to go to the back of the motor home and said the diesel smell was very strong back there.  Since we were close to Kingman, AZ and a FlyingJ, I continued on to the truck stop.  When I went around the back of the motor home to check what was going on there, I saw the rear of the MH, the hood of the car and the passenger side were covered in oil.  Engine oil to be precise.   Evidently, when the oil was changed yesterday the tech didn't put the dipstick all the way back in and lock it in place and oil was being blown out of the pipe.

I brought out my Simply Green solution and sprayed the area really well and wiped off the bulk of the oil from the MH and the front of the car.  Once I had it clean, I made sure it was dry and decided to continue on to Boulder City.  I kept my eye on the oil pressure gauge. It was well within operating range.   We did buy a gallon of oil in case the leak was someplace else as we weren't that eager to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere.  Smooth sailing from then, not on your life.

The winds really picked up and keeping the MH in our lane got a lot worse.  There wasn't anyplace to stop so I kept driving until we got to the bridge near the Hoover Dam.  There in big red letters on a sign was a message to the effect  high profile vehicles were to be extremely cautious because of the high winds and should stay in the left lane.  Of course there wasn't anyplace to pull off the road or turn around so we didn't have much choice but to continue.  I slowed even more and fought the winds that felt like they were in excess of 40mph for a while.

Thankfully, we were almost to the Elk's Lodge in Boulder City and finally got off the road.  There were 3 campsites left and we pulled into the best of the three.  The sites are a little narrow and not that level, but we finally setup the unit.  I had my usual cold beer to celebrate finishing the 260 mile trip.  I must admit, it was one of the more difficult drives that I've had to make in a long time.  The newscaster was reporting winds were still at 30 mph even at that time.

The bed is going to look and feel really nice tonight.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Oh dear. A white knuckle drive for sure.

    So sorry to read about the oil issue. How could someone forget to put the dipstick in all the way. I'm a girl and even know how to do that.

    We stayed at that Elks for two months. We had an excellent site. The people were very nice. Lots of hiking and biking riding in that area.

  2. I was so hoping your troubles were left back in Phoenix. I'm glad you're going to stay put for a few days so you can recuperate from that horrible drive.

  3. Are we having fun, yet?
    The dipstick done by a dipstick was pretty stupid.
    Glad you are off the road!!