Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Change of Plans & Weather

We had planned on moving out on Wednesday morning but a few events have come up and we have modified our plans.  Wednesday weather forecast didn't look that great with winds in the 25-30mph range and I really don't like to drive in weather like that.  All you need is a stronger gust to hit us broadside and the motor home acts like a sail on a boat.  The closer to the next campsite, the worse the weather forecast was.  Since we don't have a time schedule, we decided to wait until Friday to leave the park.  As they say, RVers schedules are written in jello.

This afternoon we went from a sunny sky with puffy clouds floating by to small rain showers.  It looked worse than it was but it cooled down and we got some nice photos.  They don't do justice to what it really looked like, but I thought I'd share them with you.

It was raining on the Rincon Mts in the background and it looked like it was coming down in force.  I love the smell of rain on the hot roads and soil with all the ozone particles in the air.  Life is good.

Grant called us today to tell us that his short story on Gettysburg was selected from his school to be included in a book of stories.  His school is part of an international system with schools in 14 countries around the world.  After reading his story it isn't a surprise that it made it to the finals.  You can read the story in a previous blog of mine if you are interested.

Short-Story-By-Grandson Grant  

His proud mother wrote this on her Facebook page.

4,000 submissions from
35 schools spanning
14 countries and only
30 winning short stories....and
Grant is one of those winners!
SO happy for him, and so very proud!

I see where Ron & Dee C. are spending the night in Santa Rosa, NM after driving most of the day.  It is a 500+ mile drive to Santa Rosa and it looks like they are in a hurry to get back to the cold weather in Illinois.  Hey, slow down and see some sights out there you guys.  Plus, now I have to actually go out and buy the newspaper if I want to read it.  You would have thought they had planned ahead and this burden wouldn't have been dropped on me.  Some people!  Have a safe trip you two.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Congratulations to Grant. That's quite an honor. Since we don't pull or drive a big expensive rig, like some people. We can move along through a barren prairie at a reasonable rate of speed in order to enjoy more stimulating night life. We waited over an hour for three tacos each with nothing but Coke to drink. Safe travels.

  2. You captures some really cool photos. Sorry you had to change your plans. This weather is driving...no pun intended...everyone crazy.

    Please pass on our congratulations to Grant. I remember reading his story. I love history. He did an excellent job!

  3. congratulations to grat on his story, i read it and it was very good. Your pictures are just beautiful. Will be glad when can see the skies again out there.
    safe travels and hope to see you next fall.