Saturday, April 18, 2015

Finally On The Road Again

The winds died down a little bit today so it was time to move on down the road.  We have been sitting in one spot for 4 months and the road was calling our names again.

Since we only had a short drive of 250 miles ahead of us, we took our time getting ready.  We had finished a lot of chores yesterday so we didn't have that much to do today.  Even at that it takes us about 45 minutes to actually leave the park.  Each of us has a series of tasks and if nobody is around we can finish them up fairly quickly.  A few of our friends who are still in the park stopped by to say good-bye and wish us safe traveling.

A little background information before we start down the road.  Cassie sent a Priority Mail package to us from Maryland on April 8th and it seems it was sent by pony express.  First off it sat in a North Carolina post office for 4 days and then was sent on it's way.  Remember, this is a 2 day priority express package, not regular mail.  By the time we actually were ready to leave it was getting close to the time when the day's mail was due to arrive, so we sat around and waited for the delivery.

What a surprise, it finally showed up after 9 days of wandering around the U.S.   The frozen stuff was no longer frozen, so off to the dump that went.  All of the other pieces in the package arrived o.k., albeit some of the cookies were a little stale by now.  In any case, we finally received the package and were on our way.

A slow stop at the Pilot station for diesel fuel at $2.43/gal and we finally were on the road to Congress, AZ where we will spend a few days.  We took some back roads and arrived here about 4:15 pm without any incidents.  Traffic was light and the winds were a little breezy at times but overall it was a nice easy drive.  

We will be here at the North Ranch Escapee Park for 3 days and then on to Las Vegas, NV.  If anything of interest comes up I will blog about it.  If not, then I shall return at a later date.  Let's see what is out there to pique our interest.


  1. I don't get the mail sometimes. One time we will send a card from Texas to Ohio and it will arrive in 3 days. The very next card takes 7 days. Egads...what a pain.

  2. We've had no problem getting our mail except for one time when we were at a small town park in UT. Took us over a week to get the mail. Makes no sense to me. Safe travels and have fun.