Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter & Pots

We went to the children's Mass yesterday and enjoyed it as usual.  The priest calls all the young children up to the altar and then quizzes them on what Easter is all about.  In the past the children were quick to answer him, but this group didn't seem to know their lessons that well.  Actually, many of the children were quite young and most likely haven't started catechism yet so they had an excuse.  The children sat from one end of the altar to the other.

We drove by this very large "asparagus bush" on Sunday and it grew about a foot overnight.  Yes, I know it isn't an asparagus bush, but it does look like one.

The ocotillo bush is in full bloom and is almost 15ft tall.  It is one of the prettiest ocotillo that I've seen out here.

 A few of the ladies in the park had organized an impromptu Easter dinner and we joined about 30 other happy campers.  We each chipped in a $1.00 to buy a couple nice hams.  Everyone brought a side dish and there was more than enough food for everyone to have seconds if they wanted them.  We enjoyed ourselves but also  managed to say goodbyes to some people who plan to leave on Monday.  

Gerry had a couple coupons for DQ and we stopped by there to pick up a few blizzards, but the DQ was closed for Easter Sunday.  We went to plan B after that and drove over to Coldstone Creamery for some very good ice cream.  Gerry had given up ice cream for Lent and she was really looking forward to finally having a DQ blizzard or a cup of Coldstone ice cream.  It was a beautiful evening so we sat outside and enjoyed the treat.

 We had some errands to run in Green Valley today and decided to go to Tubac afterward to pick up some pottery for the kids.  The pottery store was closed but they allow people to use the honor system, pick out what they want and then leave a check or cash for the total amount + tax.  I hope the kids enjoy the selections.  Now we have to figure out how to pack them for the return trip and where to store them in the motor home. 

Since we had to return via Green Valley, we stopped at Manuel's Restaurant for an early dinner.  I tried the green chili pork and thought it was one of the better meals I've had lately.  Gerry had a beef enchilada  and enjoyed it, too.  They served salsa & chips before the meal and we had our usual mild & hot salsa dishes.  Gerry likes the hot salsa but my system can't handle it, hence two different ones.  Gerry's salsa was so hot she couldn't eat it so we mixed in some mild salsa to arrive at one she could handle.

I watched a little of the Duke-Wisconsin basketball game and couldn't really get interested.  Once my teams are out of the tournament I lose interest in the other games.  It did look like a good game, but there was a really bad call at the end.  The ball went out of bounds off a Duke player, but the refs called it the other way.  I guess that is part of the game.

That was our last couple days.  Quiet, but nice.  How was yours?   

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  1. I wish I would have picked up a few pieces when we were in Tubac. Now I can't find what I wanted :(