Thursday, February 19, 2015

Samsung S5 Smartphone Problem

As I mentioned last November we finally purchased a Samsung S5 smartphone and also a 30Gig data plan through Verizon.  We've gotten used to the phone and Gerry accuses me of hogging the phone all the time.  Probably true.

I do like to work with new computers, printers, phones, etc. to see how they work and what can be done with them.  It is easier to learn the ins and outs before you need a particular capability and I don't like to have to work under a deadline and pressure.  All in all we have been happy with the phone and Verizon service.

However, recently whenever I used the speaker function to talk to someone, they said they heard an echo and themselves talking.  At first I thought it may be the other person's phone since it hadn't happened before the last week or so.  Finally, it became obvious that the phone had a problem.  

I did what everyone else does when they have a problem.  I googled to learn if others had the same problem.  Yes, it was a fairly common one and getting a new phone didn't always solve the issue.  Oh Oh!  There were many solutions presented and I tried a few of them but decided the others were too complex to try.  Nothing worked and my friends got tired of me testing the solutions on them.  Sorry guys.

Then I decided to do an online chat with a Samsung tech person and managed to set up a session with the techie and work toward fixing the problem.  She suggested a number of solutions and nothing made any difference.  Finally, she said to remove the battery from the phone and leave it out for 30 seconds.  I was skeptical but tried her solution and it worked.  The sound is better and the speaker works fine now.

I thanked her and said I was glad I didn't have an airplane with a problem and the tech said to turn off the engine for a while to see if that helped.  She failed to see the humor in my comment and asked if I was satisfied with her service.  Yep!  I was and now if the problem comes up again I know what to do.


  1. It has never happened with my Iphone...just saying. I will also say that I am having a lot of trouble all of a sudden with dropped calls in my house. I have been on the phone and online chat with them pushing hard for a free booster signal. So far they keep saying $249.99 for one but I know people have received them for free so we will see. The online chat was very good and I will used it again in the future. BTW I still have the 4 which is 3 years old and Barbara has the 5 and is not experiencing any dropped calls. Waking up in Fishkill, NY at 16 degrees heading to Albany for a meeting.

  2. Jim really wants the S5 next month when it's time to upgrade. His Razzr Max is really acting up and he doesn't have much patience with it. So now I'll know what to tell him to do if he gets the echo problem. Isn't it just sad the weather we are having? All this wonderful sunshine and no snow or ice. Just terrible.

  3. Waking up in Apalachin, NY with the temp at -9...yes minus 9 but the good news is it is supposed to warm up to +9 at some point!! Chilled to the bone!