Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gas Station for Lunch - Papa Locos

Yes, we went to a gas station for a late lunch today.  It is a combination market, gas station, restaurant & barber shop.  We had heard about this place last year and thought we would check it out today since we had a taste for Mexican food.  They don't have a liquor license but you can walk next door and get a beer to go and sit outside with your food and drink.  We felt like we were back in Costa Rica for a while today.

Papa Locos Tacos and Burgers lived up to the recommendations and we each enjoyed our meals.  The only problem was that we weren't aware they had a condiments bar that had a lid over it.  We didn't notice it.  I finally saw another diner preparing his meal at the bar and walked over to check it out.  They had hot, hotter & ouch hot salsa there along with jalapeno peppers.  Nothing there for me, but they did also have some mild salsa and other goodies.  No sour cream though.  Next time we will load up our meals with the goodies.

You have to order at a counter and they bring your meal to you.  Service was very fast and the meals were good.

Gerry has a computer program that will create jigsaw puzzles on her computer and she can pick how large the pieces are, with small ones making the puzzle very hard.  She noticed the following posters on the wall and wanted a picture of them.  How would you like to put a 400 piece puzzle together with these posters?

She is getting ready to sink her teeth in the bottom one now and that should keep her out of bars for a while.  Don't tell her I said that.

This is what the jigsaw puzzle looks like in the beginning with all the 200 pieces ready to be assembled.  Do you want to help her with this one?  The program cost $20 over ten years ago and is one of the best bargains she has on her computer.  The vendor who sold it originally has supplied free updates over the years as Gerry went from Win 97, XP, Vista, Win 7.  Great support.

Earlier in the day we went for coffee and donuts at the recreation center in the park and donated our $2.00 to the lucky buck drawing.  Since I only had a $20 bill and the ticket seller only had $1.00 bills for change, I wound up with $18.00 in one dollar bills and I felt rich.  Actually, I wanted to get rid of them quickly and paid our lunch bill with them since the restaurant needed $1.00 bills.  Win, win situation for me except I didn't win the lucky buck drawing.  

The attendance was quite low this time since a number of people in the park are ill with the flu or something.  I think it is what Gerry and I had a month or so ago and I hope we don't catch it again.  Two people went to the hospital today and I don't know if it is related to the flu bug or not.

Gerry went to the quilting group after the coffee and was working on a child's quilt for Project Linus.  The project gives the quilts to children who are in the hospital.  In the past the group has made and donated over 150 quilts a year, but this year it will be less.

That was our day, how was yours?   Linda, don't tell me about yours since I will be depressed to hear about all the cold and snow in Maine.  Stay warm!


  1. Yes it is VERY cold here and I do not think the snow is EVER going to go away!!

  2. Speaking about cold... We're expected to have record lows the next few days. I'll be flying from Charlotte to Albany in less than 5 degrees (I hear) tomorrow at 7 am sharp!
    I thought you won the $18-- not your change back! Oh well hope the coffee & donuts were good- still reasonable.
    Moms puzzle app IS really cool & would get me into hours of trouble if I had it!
    Your combo gas/restaurant place sounds like a great choice! Maybe a future Diners, Dives & Drive-ins place?

  3. I had a jigsaw puzzle program similar to this one on my computer years ago. I remember it was free and I could take photos and do the same. I think mine was probably much more limited than Gerry's. I think I could only do three different sizes. Great way to pass the time.