Friday, February 13, 2015

Bread & Butter Cafe - Geocaching Again

We recently heard about a great restaurant for breakfast/lunch & decided to try it this morning.  It's called Bread & Butter Cafe and they seem to have a thriving business.  We managed to snag the last table available and within 3 minutes had a full cup of coffee in front of us.  The breakfasts were good but we both still prefer the TTT restaurant which is a truck stop.  The food is tastier at TTT, however the coffee is not as good.  In either case, we won't starve eating at either place.  The Bread and Butter Cafe serves great cinnamon roles and we shared one for dessert.

After breakfast we decided to pick up a few more geocaches in the area around the restaurant.  All in all, we managed to find 7 caches in a short time. A couple were interesting.  One was special in that it was hidden in Pat's labyrinth.  Pat has planted a Christmas tree around the labyrinth for the past 26 years.  We met Pat and she said she built the labyrinth in 1996 and it is a peaceful place to relax.

Pat's labyrinth

I backed into a cactus taking this picture.  Ouch!

How do I get out of here?

There is a small replica of stonehenge next to the labyrinth and sort of complements the area.  The cache was easy to find and we hung around a little to enjoy the place. 

Just FYI:  A labyrinth is not a maze but a meditative device with a single winding path that leads to a center or end. A maze has many different paths and dead ends to choose from. Walking the labyrinth is a meditative practice which leads to greater power of focus and sense of control in one’s life. Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School's Mind/Body Medical Institute has found focused walking meditations are highly efficient at reducing anxiety and has significant long term health benefits, including lower blood pressure and breathing rates, reduced incidents of chronic pain, reduction of insomnia and many other benefits.

I managed to avoid any more cacti on the rest of the cache search and we had a great time.  The weather was perfect for caching and we managed to walk enough to tire us out.  

We joined friends Ron & Dee for dinner at Cattletown for a great fish dinner.  You have to arrive early there or wait an hour or so to be seated.  4:45pm wasn't early enough and we had a 15-20 minute wait to be seated.  It was worth it since the beer was cold and the fish good.  We sat around and chatted after dinner and finished off our pitchers of beer.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day. We found a great hole-in-the-wall hamburger joint yesterday which is like our geocache. lol

  2. Very interesting cache! Looks soothing & serene with a spot of beauty in the middle- oh & the blue ball is pretty too! 😍. Love you