Saturday, February 28, 2015

Owls and Slow Days

Last year we had an owl family raising a brood here at the park and it looks like one of the younger owls has returned.  There is also a larger one hanging around and that may be one of the parents of this owl.  There are large numbers of rabbits in the area and it looks like it will be good hunting for the owls.

I see you down there.
 We had some errands to run today and on the way downtown there was a truck pulling about 7-8 rail cars near the power plant.  I assume they were empty because the truck was moving fast down the track.  I've seen trucks on the tracks before, but never one pulling rail cars.

 We finished up the errands and decided to go for an early fish dinner at the Cattletown restaurant.  As we were being led to our table, our neighbor here at the park called out to us.  Frank, Jan and their son were sitting at a large table so we joined them.   It sure is a small world when you run into friends at one of the hundreds of restaurants in the area.  There wasn't a wait time at 4:15pm but by the time we left the lobby was full of people. 

We made a quick stop at a Family Dollar on our way home.  As we were leaving, the sun was beginning to set.  We also stopped by the Pima County Fairgrounds to see how busy they were and managed to get a few sunset pictures.  There were fewer RVs there than I thought.  I was somewhat surprised at the low turnout.  Next week it will be a lot different with the Escapee Rally set to start on March 7th.

Just another nice day out here in Tucson with the temperature running in the high 70s and bright sunshine. 

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. When we were staying at Pima last month, they told us all RVers had to be out by the 28th for the rally. Maybe that is why there weren't many in the park.