Monday, February 23, 2015

Cactus Country Dog Show

The Cactus Country RV park is divided into three sections:  a) mobile homes, b) front section & c) down the hill.  We started out in the the front section and loved it there but they only have 30amp electric service.  Since we need 50amp service. we moved to the down the hill section.

When we first came here in 2006 RVs with children and pets were only allowed in the back section.  The park isn't a 55+ plus park and over the years the children in the park has varied from 3-5 to the present 19-25.  For the most part the children haven't been a problem except for one year when a real trouble maker was here.  His family was "asked" to leave and things settled down.  Each year the park seems to change from one way to another.

Now you might want to know what the above has to do with the subject of this blog.  It has all to do with the number of dogs in the park and the parade each morning and evening of dog owners and their pets.  I would estimate there are more than 40 dogs in the park at the present time.  For the most part this isn't a problem since they aren't allowed to run without being on a leash.  I see the parade all the time and decided to have a dog show here and judge the best of breed dog.  It was difficult since there are some beautiful bulldogs and pit bulls here, but I couldn't get a picture of them for this show.  Maybe later I will do another show if there is any interest.

I used my game camera to take a number of the photos and a regular camera for the others.  So here goes with the dog show.  Which is your favorite?

First dog in the show early in the morning.

Neighbor with her dog out early.

Poor dog must be embarrassed wearing pink.

Nice looking basset hound.

Small pooch and hard to see.

Hummm, it sure smells good here.

Go ahead, I won't look

The dog on the right was ready to go and let the owner know.

Where are we going?

Best of show!

  We call these two dogs "push me, pull me" since they each want to go in the opposite direction.  The dog on the left didn't want to go to the right and dug in his heels and refused to walk to the right.  Then the dog on the right decided he didn't want to go to the left and just sat down.  We watched them for 5 minutes and really got a good laugh out of them.  The owner was very patient and worked with both of them.  For this they get best of show.

We had to run an errand and wound up behind the little "doggie" so we included him/her at the "end" of the blog.

That's all folks, be sure to vote for your favorite dog or doggie.


  1. HAHAHA....the "push me, pull me" photo is so dang funny. I vote for the one in pink.

    Your last photo needs to say..."The End"