Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moving Day to Boulder City, NV

Our time was up at Camp Verde and it was time to move on to Boulder City, NV for our next stop.  We had a decision to make on our route there and decided to try something different.  The logical decision would have been to take I-17 North to Flagstaff and connect with I-40 West there.  This would have meant about 50 miles of uphill driving from 2,000 ft to over 7,000 ft with long grades of 6%.  The motorhome can handle this ok, but I don't like to be driving in the right lane with the trucks at slower speed, so we took another route.

We had to drive south on I-17 for a few miles (on a 6 mile long 6% uphill grade) and take RT 169 west toward Prescott, AZ.  We eventually hooked up with RT 89 North and stayed on it to I-40.  It was a great road with some nice scenery and we made good time.  There were two & four lane sections and with little traffic it turned out to be a good choice.

They seem to like round-abouts on RT 89 and was ran across 3-4 of them.  What struck us unusual about them was that two of them had side ramps to non-existant roads.  One lead into a farmers field and the other into a pasture.  No housing development signs or anything to make you think a road would be going in sometime soon.  The only purpose seemed to be to slow everyone down making the circle.  Strange!

The section of I-40 to Kingman, AZ is one rough road with the right lane full of potholes.  Traffic was light so I stayed in the left lane as much as possible to avoid shaking the cabinets off the walls. 

I intended to stop at the FlyingJ for fuel in Kingman and pulled into the fuel station area only to find out they were down to two lanes for fueling due to construction.  It was a mess and I didn't want to wait forever for my turn so I just turned around and left.  I like to ride on the top half of the gauge but had more than enough fuel to go another 500 miles so we made a beeline for Boulder City.

We pulled into the Boulder City Elks Lodge around 3pm and found a nice spot for the next week or so.  We signed up for a week, but left open our departure date since we will have our mail shipped here next week.  Who knows where we will be by the time the next mail forwarding date comes up.

We managed to make it to the Boulder Station casino for a couple hours of small time gambling.  I started off with $10 and ran it up to $72 and decided to quit while I was ahead.  I did say small time, didn't I?   Gerry is the big spender and inserted $20 and proceeded to play her penny slots for a couple hours.  She managed to have a good time and left with $20.05.  Every little bit helps.

The weather has been great so far with low temps during the day and cool enough in the evening to leave a window open.  It had rained earlier in the day we arrived but other than standing puddles you would never know it.  It looks as dry as ever out here.

Not much interesting going on, but we are enjoying the down time and catching up on some chores around the motor home.  There are times like this on the road and we enjoy them and the change in pace.

Hope you all are having a good time like we are.  

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  1. Beautiful header photo.
    We stayed at the Boulder City Elks Lodge for a couple of weeks also. We loved the area. Paul did tons of bike rides.