Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hoover Dam

Our time in Boulder City was fast coming to a close.  We overstayed our days at the Elks Lodge and were due out on Wednesday.  Before leaving the area we went to the "M" lunch buffet once again and enjoyed the meal very much.  The food is great and we also like to play the slots there.  We lost at the slots, but won with the food.

After loosing our hard earned money we decided to visit Hoover Dam to check on the water level.  I read where the level is dropping 12ft a year and unless heavy snows occur, it will be at a critical stage very soon.

May 11, 2016--Nevada prepared for more Lake Mead cuts without ‘drastic steps’ (Las Vegas Sun)

Lake Mead is expected to surpass its historic low after next Wednesday. By the end of June, it is expected to have dropped to its lowest level since the man-made reservoir was created by the completion of the Hoover Dam in 1935. And as the elevation drops, Nevada, Arizona and California are working out a new framework for acceptable reductions in water they receive.

Hoover Dam with new bridge in upper left of picture.



Bathtub ring


New Bridge

Under new bridge

 We were here in 1966 and the water was running over a diversion channel.  Now the water is 160 ft below the diversion channel and falling.

It still remains a sight to be seen with the dam, new bridge and the lake.  Hopefully it will return to maximum level soon and the states involved in portioning out the water can come up with a sensible plan.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. The tour of Hoover Dam is amazing. I could never climb those towers like those men did.
    Did you cross the bridge on foot? We walked to the middle. We could feel the bridge shake every time a car drove on it. A bit scary.

  2. The lack of water is really scary. The dam is an engineering marvel.