Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend & a Car Show

Gerry and I continued our tradition of watching the Kentucky Derby and enjoying a mint julep.  Gerry makes a great mint julep and we usually have one of hers but this year we went to the Elk's Lodge here in Boulder City and watched the race.  Their mint juleps were good, but not near as good as Gerry's.

For once my horse came in ahead of Gerry's but he only came in second.  The horse was Exagerator and Gerry said the choice fit me well.

Barbara & Henry sent Gerry a very nice flower arrangement for Mother's Day and she was quite surprised to receive them.  I tried to take the tag off before she read it and take credit, but she was too fast for me.  She will be able to enjoy them for a while since they seemed quite fresh.  It's interesting how they were able to track her down to have them delivered. :)

Gerry also enjoyed talking to the children and receiving text messages with good wishes for the day.  She does miss them when we are gone for a long time.

 Upon the advice of a local Elk's Lodge member we went to Chilly Jilly's restaurant for breakfast.  They open The Patio for weekend customers in good weather.  We arrived after the initial rush for breakfast but still had to wait 40 minutes to be seated.  It was frustrating since there were 6-7 tables open the whole time we were waiting, but they were for 11am reservations.  

We had a nice breakfast and the Lodge member and his mother showed up and were waiting to be seated so we invited them to sit with us.  It was nice talking to them and found out the mother and here late husband were RVers also a number of years ago.

The Boulder City Spring Fling festival was in effect this weekend and they had a number of parks setup with arts/crafts/antiques, etc tents.  Also, they were having a car show with hundreds of old cars all over the place.  Gerry walked through the tents and found a couple rings and not much else she was interested in.

We did walk through portions of the show cars and were impressed by a number of the cars.  Our neighbor at the Elk's campground showed up Friday in a 45ft Country Coach pulling a 25ft trailer with a 1950 Cadillac convertible in the trailer.  I talked a short while with the owner and he said he did all the work himself except for the painting.  It is a beautiful car and it sure would look good in our garage if we ever buy a house with a garage.

1950 Cadillac Convertible

Loading up after the car show.
Our friend Sherwin is building a Rad Rod in his garage back in Tucson and I thought I'd include them for him.  

Linda & Sherwin with his work in process.

The seats don't look too comfortable.

1940 Dodge Truck with a 440 Dodge super charged V-8
1940 Suburban

Two Classics - 1947 Packard & Gerry

1941 Plymouth Coupe

Nice Woodie

Great looking Woodie

1950 Studebaker Pickup
My brother had a 1946 Ford like the one below painted a deep red color and he would let me use it sometimes for a date.  Gerry's mother would complain when we went out in it since the burnt oil off the engine would come through the firewall and get her clothes all dirty.  It did smoke a "little bit". 

1946 Ford

The car below is a Graham circa 1937 or so.  I don't think I've ever seen one of these before and looked it up on the internet.  

 Graham-Paige was an American automobile manufacturer founded by brothers Joseph B. Graham (September 12, 1882–July 1970), Robert C. Graham (August 1885–October 3, 1967), and Ray A. Graham (May 28, 1887–August 13, 1932) in 1927. Automobile production ceased in 1940, and its automotive assets were acquired by Kaiser-Frazer in 1947. As a corporate entity, the Graham-Paige name continued until 1962.   Wikipedia.

 My father had a panel truck like the one below and we used to go fishing on the Illinois river each summer and sleep in the back of the truck.  While it sounded like a good idea, it wasn't.  If you opened the windows the mosquitoes would eat you alive and if they were closed it was like an oven.

I worked for a Pontiac dealership right out of high school and was selected to drive an identical car like this one in the 4th of July parade.  The one I drove had 4- 2 barrel carburetors, stick shift and would fly.  It would burn rubber at 70 mph when I shifted out of 1st gear.  Moral of story, never trust a 17 year old male with a car like this.

Ford Cabriolet

They had an awards ceremony and just as they finished it the rains came.  Everyone made a dash to raise their convertible roofs and get their cars out of the rain.

We went geocaching in the area for a while and stopped by the Dairy Queen to pick up a couple banana splits to be taken home.  The DQ is right across the street from the Elk's Lodge and is very convenient when Gerry needs her DQ fix.

Before anyone makes a comment that it was Mother's Day and not my day, Gerry suggested we do all the above.  It was a beautiful day for the most part and we had a very nice time.  However, I think Father's Day will consist of craft stores, shoe stores and more shopping in general.  

That was our weekend, how was yours? 

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. Nice rides but 70 mph in first gear? I spent Mother's Day cooking supper for my children but it was good seeing them. It's rained for two days. Arizona is looking good. Lol