Saturday, November 21, 2015

Visiting Family in NC

We spent the last month visiting with our children and their families in the Charlotte, NC area.  When we first arrived in the area the campgrounds were full due to a Classic Car event and then a car race a weekend later.  Thankfully our son invited us to park in his driveway.  When they bought the house he installed an outside electric box so we could hook up the motor home and that worked out fine.  

One of the first things we did was visit our grandson Sean and Taylor (his wife) to see the new arrivals to the family.  Twin girls, Hayden Grace and Riley Gray arrived on Oct 14.  The twins and Taylor came thru this in great shape and they are doing super now.  Great grandma Gerry was in 7th heaven and made sure we got there as soon as possible.

Taylor, Barbara, Gerry, Hayden & Riley

Proud papa, Sean.
 Gerry had worked the past 4-5 months on blankets for the newborns and finished them while we were in the area.  She presented them to Sean and Taylor a couple days before we left.  Since the twins aren't identical, the blankets look the same except for the fringe around the edges.  I think they came out fantastic and am amazed how much time Gerry spent in making them.  Job well done.  The newborns were so small they made me look bigger than I am.  As you can see below, I am not comfortable holding little babies while Gerry is in her element.

The posting dates aren't going to match since I am doing some catch up blogging.


  1. Such a good picture. Precious babies. That was a LOT of work, Gerry. Glad to hear from you two.

  2. They are so beautiful. And I am so jealous. Glad you got to enjoy those special new additions to your family. The blankets are really wonderful.