Friday, November 27, 2015

Turkey and Rain

We spent the day at Judy & Herb's home on Thanksgiving watching football and stuffing ourselves with the delicious meal Judy prepared.  Their friends Greg & Darlene from Rockport, TX made the long drive up to join us for dinner.  They will be staying with Judy & Herb until Monday and then return back home.

It was non-stop conversation among the 6 of us but then the girls sort of separated from us guys watching the football games.  Two blowouts and one close game in miserable conditions in Green Bay.

We sat down to eat around 4 pm and Judy remembered I like mince meat pie so she prepared one for me.  Greg also likes it so I had to share it with him.  Darn it!

Gerry, Judy, Herb, Darlene & Greg

We visited until after the GB-Chicago football game and then began the trek back to the motorhome.  It had been raining steadily for hours and the roads were covered in many places with running water.  It was difficult to see even with the windshield wipers running at the highest speed.  The road leading to the campground was covered in one spot but it wasn't that deep so we finally made it back safe and sound.  It continued to rain very hard for hours after we got back and didn't slow down until later in the night.  I am glad we were on high ground and not near a creek or drainage area.  We received almost 3 inches of rain on Thursday and it seemed like twice that much in spots.

This is what the road near our campsite looked like this morning on our way out.  These were open fields and dry the day before this.  The small bridge we had to go over had debris on the top of the guard rail about 2 ft up from the road.  


That was our day, how was yours. 

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  1. Ours was much drier. And it was nice enough we could eat outside. Glad you didn't float away.