Saturday, November 28, 2015

Evacuated From Campground

We are camped at Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, TX and it's been raining the last 4 days with an accumulation of almost 6 inches of rain.  The creeks, rivers, fields are all full of water.  The lake has been rising since the flood gates are broken and even if they could open them, the Trinity River is flooding and the water would just back up.

Early this morning one of the staff here at the campground came knocking at our door and said we had to evacuate the camp loop we were in due to high water.  The exit route was covered high enough that cars were flooding out and had to be towed out of the water.  So we went out the entrance road and wound up moving to a loop that is higher up.  Gerry drove the car and wound up behind a MH and car going about 1 mph through some high water.  We didn't have a problem making it out but later the water was higher and it would have been difficult to navigate an exit in the car.

I think the new campsite is more prone to flooding than the last one, but the road is more passible.  We hung around for a couple hours watching the water rise and decided that it wouldn't reach up to a point to be a problem for us.  

Our friends Judy & Herb called and wanted to meet us for dinner so we drove over to their house for a visit and then on to a local Mexican restaurant.  We all enjoyed our meals and had a fun time joking around during the evening.  

Judy, Herb, me & Gerry
 We made it an early evening since we hope to make an early exit from here in the morning and make it to Van Horn, TX for the night.  I'ts a 485 mile drive under good conditions, however since it's the Thanksgiving holiday who knows what is in store out there.  I intend to take it easy and play it safe and let those in a hurry go on past us.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. So glad to read you two are safe. Rising water is nothing to play games with. It rained here in Houston all day on Saturday, but nothing like you had. Safe travels.

  2. Well, I must say, we have never had to evacuate a campground and I'm grateful for that. Glad you guys made if safely to higher ground and safe travels today.