Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Getting Ready To Hit The Road

We've been at the cabin for two months and it's already time to hit the road.  Time really flies by when you are having fun.  The last couple days we've loaded the motor home with a few items from the cabin.  There isn't as much to load this year since we have basically used the motor home all the time.  

October 20, 2015

It's been raining up here and the ground is soft where I have to back up the motor home onto so we have brought in about 1 1/2 ton of rock to make a mini driveway.  Cassie & Jack lent us their truck for this task and it took 2 trips.   Thankfully, Cassie and Bella were there to help unload the rocks.  It went by fast with their help.  The rocks were placed next to the motor home in the indentations made by the tires last year.  

New rock next to MH.
 The girls brought up their dogs to let them run and Remy ran around like an animal on crack cocaine.  I was very impressed by her running, jumping and turning on a dime skills.  She never got tired and wanted to play by running all the time.  Me thinks she was cooped up in the house too long.

Bella & Remy in driveway
 As you can tell by the winter jackets, it was a cold day up there for the unloading of the rocks.  Cassie & Bella wanted a fire so I gathered up some wood for them to burn.  It took a while but they got the fire blazing real well and kept it going until after sunset.  S'mores were on tap and enjoyed by all. 

Cassie and Jack also are campers and have a popup camper that needed some repairs before they go camping this weekend.  Jack came up after work and worked on the unit and got it all ready to go.  They are going to Gettysburg for the weekend and joining another couple there for pre-halloween festivities.

Jack getting ready to repair their camper.
October 21, 2015

 Cassie came up to help us get the motor home out on the road.  It is a very tight fit with trees along side of the narrow road leading out to the highway.  Once we cleared the cabin area, the next problem was actually exiting the area of the cabins.  There are trees on both sides of the narrow lane that I have to navigate through with only a couple inches to spare on either side.  I managed to line up the motor home and get out without scratching the unit.  

I drove the MH down to the local Food Lion parking lot 12 miles away and we hooked up the car there.  Cassie followed us and we said our goodbyes.  It's always difficult for us to tell her goodbye, but we will be back there for a couple days in November.  Then it will be goodbye for a longer time period.

We had an easy drive to Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA where we camped for two nights.  It's a nice campground and we've camped there a number of times, but this will be the last time.  It cost us $79.00 for two nights with only an electric and water hookup.  They do have a dump station on the way out.  I can't understand how a private campground with a mortgage, paying taxes, staff and such is cheaper than a State park where they don't have a mortgage, taxes and have a number of volunteers.  While we can afford the cost, I wonder about all those families who camp to enjoy nature can afford those prices.  There is something wrong with how they accept and disburse money for these parks.

We drove over to visit with our good friends Mann & Carolyn the next day to catch up on what they have been doing.  We met them in 2000 down in the Florida Keys and have been friends since then.  They were just starting to camp and had a Flair motorhome and now they are thinking about selling their nice Journey motorhome and hanging up the keys.  They recently bought a house in Florida and intend to spend the winters there.  We always enjoy their company and the time rushed by quickly.  Then it was on to the Charlotte, NC area to visit with our children Barbara & Larry and their families.

That was our exit from the cabin and first visit on our route.  I see a number of blogging friends are on the move and enjoying themselves out there on the road.  Hopefully we will run across some of them as we make our way out to Tucson once again.


  1. Sounds like a good start to the trip. Safe travels to Tucson.

  2. Doing some good driving to get the rig out without a scratch. Way to go. It really is cheaper to stay at an RV park than in a State Park. You pay for the beauty of the place I guess but $40 a night is way too much. Safe travels. The weather is beautiful.