Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nice Fall Drive - Happy Columbus Day

It was time to get away from the cabin and see some of the beautiful fall scenes in the area.  The leaf colors aren't at their peak yet but they are still beautiful to see.  We have numerous fire trails in the area and many are open this time of the year so we went off the beaten path.

First however, we stopped by a couple roadside stands to pick up the last sweet corn of the season.  They had a nice autumn decoration set up with pumpkins and small gourds.  

We drove by another farm and produce market and admired their seasonal decorations.  We usually stop here for our fresh squeezed apple cider but bypassed it today.  Hopefully, I can talk Gerry into making her hot spiced apple cider before we leave the area next week.

It was a nice cool day so we decided to take a leisurely drive around the mountain and enjoy the views.  

Adams County, PA is known for its apple/peach orchards in addition to the Gettysburg Battlefield.  We are on the southern portion of the orchards and drove through several of them along this journey.  The orchard pictured below also has some of the best cherries we've ever eaten.  It's a pick your own place that isn't that well known and we want to keep it a secret.

The apples are ready for picking.  We saw a few people in the orchard but not many.  They had better hurry before the deer get their fill of the apples.

They had stacks of crates ready to be filled and shipped off to the processing plant a few miles away from here.

Just over the first ridge is Gettysburg, PA, but it's hard to see since we are 10 miles or so away from there.  The visibility was fairly good, but there was just enough haze in the area to cloud Gettysburg.

All this driving and seeing apples made me hungry for an apple pie.  We stopped at a local market and Gerry went in to buy a pie, but she must have gotten distracted and wound up with a Key Lime pie instead.  Must have been because she was reading  about the recent visit to the Florida Keys of blogger Where's Weaver .  

This is also the time of the year for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and many bloggers writing about their time there.  It has been difficult reading about the Florida Keys and the Fiesta while sitting here on the mountain.  We love to visit both places and weren't able to this year.   I even told my youngest grandson of marriageable age not to get married the first of October and guess what he has on the schedule for Oct 8, 2016.  Yep, getting hitched. Getting him married off takes priority over the Fiesta.  It was only 5 years ago that our granddaughter was married on 10/10/10 and wiped out the Fiesta for that year.  What's up with these kids?

That was our day on the mountain, how was yours.


  1. We enjoyed the beautiful colors Saturday as we drove through PA. Looking forward to enjoying them tomorrow as we head back home.

  2. HAHAHAHA...How was the pie?

    We volunteered at the Fiesta in 2010. We worked all 10 days and loved it. If you haven't volunteered, look into it. They were great to the volunteers.

    I love fall. Not too many changing colors here in Florida. Thanks for the beautiful ride photos.

  3. Love seeing all those fall colors! Your grandchildren should consult with you before setting their wedding dates, for sure. Sorry you had to miss the Balloon Fiesta. We enjoyed crewing for 3 years straight, but last year and this year other life events took precedence.

  4. I keep losing all my comments and it's really bugging me. We're going to be in the upper 30's for our lows tonight so not as cold as you. We're in Jackpot heading south slowly. I'm behind on my blog posts.

  5. Aren't your grandchildren amazing that you get to spend time during their life events?!
    The pictures sure are more beautiful than when I was there! Takes my breath away, that's for sure!
    Jared's spending last & this coming weekend in the Mtns of NC! Last weekend camping with about 20 people actually in Hot Springs. Then backpacking this coming weekend with the guys & at least his dogs! And no, Sean won't be joining him this year!!